Cisco and LeaderMES to premier InCloudFactory™ at K-2016 in Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf, Germany, October 7, 2016 – LeaderMES, a leader in next generation digital manufacturing for SME industrial manufacturers, will be showcasing InCloudFactory™ at K 2016, in Düsseldorf, Germany between 19-26 October.

As the use of cloud-based MES systems grows, so do concerns about data security and transfer speed. In response, LeaderMES has collaborated with Cisco to provide a secure, independent and stable wireless network that operates separately from the rest of the factory. In this ground-breaking solution, manufacturing data is encrypted for transfer from the shop floor to the Cisco router to the cloud, using LeaderMES proprietary InCloudFactory™ secured data transfer technology. A game-changer in digital factory connectivity, InCloudFactory™ enables secure, real-time visibility across the entire manufacturing process.

“Our cloud-based digital manufacturing platform enables managers to know exactly what’s happening in their factories anytime, anywhere.  With InCloudFactory™, our customers now have the peace of mind that their data is fully protected at all times. This is a significant component in overcoming objections inherent in cloud computing and reduces major concerns of moving to cloud-based manufacturing.  It’s another way we are helping small to medium manufacturers make the leap into the digital future with greater confidence,” Amir Aloni, CEO, LeaderMES.

Conference visitors are warmly invited to attend a 60-minute presentation about InCloudFactory™ hosted by Cisco and LeaderMES at Hall 3, Booth D20. The session will take place on October 20 at 11:00am. For more information or to RSVP, please visit


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