LeaderMES Announces the Appointment of Tasman Machinery as Its Business Partner in Australia, New Zealand and South Sea Islands

Haifa, Israel – July 3, 2017 – LeaderMES is proud to announce a new business partnership with a leading supplier of plastics manufacturing solutions in Australia & New Zealand, Tasman Machinery.

Established over 40 years ago, Tasman Machinery provides top-level manufacturing solutions to injection moulding, blow moulding, extruding, vacuum forming, and thermoforming sectors of the plastic manufacturing industry.

“At Tasman Machinery, the success of our customers is our most important mission,” says Dermid McKinley, CEO of Tasman Machinery. “LeaderMES enables us to provide our customers with an Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solution. Adoption of Industry 4.0 tools lets our customers sustain and improve their local and international competitive ability”.

Tasman Machinery represents leading brands in the industry, and provides implementation, service and support for several manufacturing solutions.

“The combination of LeaderMES smart manufacturing solution combined with Tasman’s experience and regional market knowhow is a natural one,” says Amir Aloni, CEO of LeaderMES. “LeaderMES provides a layer of knowledge that enhances production efficiency, assist in improving the production processes and save resources, thus assisting manufacturers in fully exploiting the abilities of their production machinery.”


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LeaderMES empowers industrial SMEs to shift to an Industry 4.0 paradigm, using the latest in secure connectivity, data analytics and advanced computing. By optimizing production efficiency and digitally streamlining processes, LeaderMES positions manufacturers at the forefront of industrial technology, increasing their profitability and competitiveness. Our game-changing agile solution – a smart digital manufacturing platform – provides a comprehensive production management system together with the flexibility of modular plug-and-play tools. The secure, cloud-based, digital platform and smart applications are implemented worldwide, connecting thousands of machines, and providing unprecedented visibility and control in highly demanding production environments.

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