LeaderMES Announces the Launch of the Operator App in its Industry 4.0 Solution

Providing crucial information and tools for real-time operation on the production floor 

Haifa, Israel – March 30, 2017 – Continuously offering cutting-edge technology to SME industrial manufacturers, LeaderMES announces the launch of its newest addition to the innovative digital factory solution. The tablet Operator App, specifically created for the operators on the production floor, provides them with unparalleled capabilities of real-time visibility and control of their manufacturing environment via a friendly and accessible tablet application.

The Operator App adds significant value to the existing production management system, designed for SME leadership in Industry 4.0 environments. The new module complements these management tools by offering the operators real-time control and hands-on management of their activities, as well as an effective on-site problem-solving tool.

The new Operator App smoothly connects to all LeaderMES modules; all designed as smart connected applications to enable an easily scalable implementation based on agile methodology. “From the initial steps of our development process we envisioned a system that can alleviate the well-known pains of implementation,” explains Amir Aloni, LeaderMES’ CEO. “We insist on this so our clients can focus on their business without hesitation. Growing with the system and adjusting it to their daily needs is as easy as downloading and installing an app on your mobile phone.”

The tablet-based Operator App provides real-time information to the user via an easy and simple UI, facilitates machine operation and reporting, and assists in maintaining a smoother and more efficient work flow. Through the intuitive dashboard, the operator can access various aspects of the manufacturing process, including activating jobs, monitoring cycle time and material weight etc. Alerts and notifications are prompted when deviations or malfunctions are detected. For example, the operator can trace through the app details of any machine down-time, digitally document its reasons in just a few seconds, and attend to it without delay. All activities are constantly uploaded and tracked through the cloud, and the information is instantly shared with other modules of the system.

“Walking around our clients’ production floors and hearing the feedback on our new Operator App,” says Aloni, “shows us how digital factory not only contributes to the overall management and control of the manufacturing process, but also provides real value to the employees on the floor, by making it easier for them to fulfil their tasks, comply with standards and meet their goals.”

About LeaderMES

LeaderMES empowers industrial SMEs to shift to an Industry 4.0 paradigm, using the latest in secure connectivity, data analytics and advanced computing. By optimizing production efficiency and digitally streamlining processes, LeaderMES positions its users at the forefront of industrial technology, increasing their profitability and competitiveness. Our game-changing agile solution is a smart digital manufacturing platform that provides a comprehensive production management system together with the flexibility of modular plug-and-play tools. The secure, cloud-based, digital platform and smart applications are implemented worldwide, connecting thousands of machines, and providing unprecedented visibility and control in highly demanding production environments.