LeaderMES Joins SantoChem and GeoForce Technologies for a roadshow among manufacturers

Haifa, Israel – July 16, 2017 – This week, LeaderMES joins its partners in Malaysia, SantoChem, and in Taiwan, GeoForce Technologies, on a roadshow among manufacturers, presenting the possibilities that LeaderMES’ solutions open to clients who are looking to benefit from IOT technologies.

“This is an exciting opportunity to present LeaderMES to relevant clients together with two leading forces in these markets,” says Nathan Tiomkin, Director of Sales & Business Development at LeaderMES. “Both SantoChem and GeoForce are prominent industry suppliers and we are proud to offer added value to their existing and potential clients.”

The joint delegation will be meeting multiple Taiwanese manufacturers that can potentially benefit from LeaderMES’ technology. Companies of different sizes and from different industries were selected in order to allow the delegation to better understand the local environment and needs, as well as to target those clients that are most likely capable of incorporating new technologies in their operations.

“GeoForce is known for assisting clients with their most demanding challenges in a variety of complex data-intensive workflows,” explains Robert Hsu, CEO of GeoForce Technologies. “We strongly believe that LeaderMES’ solutions can provide our clients with the means to better manage their manufacturing challenges, by improving the relevant processes, thus resulting in better operations efficiency and cost reduction.”

Clients of both GeoForce and SantoChem in their respective markets can now enjoy the benefits of technological innovation and advanced manufacturing methodologies through local representatives, who are closely familiar with their needs and challenges.

“As a prominent supplier of specialty chemicals to manufacturers in Malaysia, we at SantoChem are constantly seeking to expand our offering to our clients,” says Jonathan Ling, Business Development Director at SantoCham. “LeaderMES offers an easy entrance into the world of IOT, helping our clients improve their manufacturing process. In time, both SantoChem and GeoForce intend to become the full service local partners of LeaderMES, offering products and support to clients in our respective regions.”

The LeaderMES/GeoForce/SantoChem roadshow will continue till 20July 2017. Manufacturers interested in meeting with the delegation may contact



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