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How to Reduce Giveaway in the Food Manufacturing Industry

There are many challenges food manufacturing businesses face today. Controlling inventory, managing material waste, and keeping up with technological advances are just a few of these challenges. Overproduction, or giveaway, specifically is a major issue for manufacturers in the food industry that deal with net weight items.

Giveaway is an extremely important metric that involves measuring how much excess product makes it into each package you produce. Even tiny surpluses of a gram or two can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in extra expenses, depending on the scale of your operations.

Matics smart shop floor control software with material management capabilities, is successfully deployed by many facilities in the food manufacturing industry to greatly reduce giveaway. With Matics, you can easily access individual and aggregated real-time weight data for food products coming off the line. If this metric exceeds your facility’s specifications, you and your staff will receive an instantaneous notification and have a chance to correct the issue immediately.

This constant and precise supervision allows manufacturers to keep their food packages consistent and avoid the waste that comes from overfilling them. Those extra grams that you would have lost can instead be sold as well, increasing the amount of profit you can earn from the same production run. Continuous online monitoring that Matics performs also provides the transparency you need to avoid costly recalls.

Now let’s dive deeper into a few common scenarios.

Reducing Giveaway in the Frozen Foods Industry

A frozen foods manufacturing company adopted Matics’ real-time platform to observe and analyze any excess giveaway in the quantity of each product that came out of the packaging line. Even with smart manufacturing tools and automation set in place, the factory still faced critical issues when attending to various products that persistently needed adjustments with the net weight.

When they adopted the Matics’ solution, the production team was able to analyze the weight measurements on the production line in real-time and the actual deviation [JI2] that would result in a giveaway of a product. With this robust tool in hand, the factory adjusted the product’s manufacturing weight and set alerts to be sent out whenever a product exceeded its standard net weight by a certain amount.

With Matics, this frozen foods producer was not only able to send notifications to the production team each time a deviation occurred, but also to catch and correct any deviations early-on in the production process, saving the factory from the need to re-weight, re-process and re-pack items with giveaway, and thus resulting in greater production efficiencies and lower costs.

Reducing Giveaway in the Condiment Industry

In an attempt to adjust their processes for optimal function, a factory producing and distributing thousands of bottles of condiments to a large chain of supermarkets in Europe, harnessed Matics’ real-time analytics platform and connected the check weight hardware at the end of its production line.

This method allowed the manufacturer to monitor the quantities and filling levels according to the product’s standard, and store all relevant data on the platform. As a result, supervisors were able to visualize in real-time the quantities of giveaway per SKU and the overall rate of giveaway (%) per product. The relevant teams were then immediately notified to take action and fix the weight deviation, and the management was able easily track the completion of this task with full visibility of the new weight following the corrective steps.

Even by saving a few milliliters per bottle, this manufacturing business was able to raise significant results and optimize its complete workflow with managing the company’s giveaway avoiding rework. Matics’ real-time shop floor control solution, with its power of constantly observing fixed weight, reduced the cost of wasted materials and significantly heightened production capacity.

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Real Time Data Driven Solutions to Reduce Giveaway

Real-time notifications and data are crucial for streamlined manufacturing, but are only the first steps in reducing giveaway. Matics software also provides system recipe management, which is key for consistency in manufacturing, as it allows users to manage, store and analyze recipes for optimal production.

Smart dashboards are also an essential tool for manufacturers to be able to improve the net weight process control (SPC). A production team that is engaged with real-time data is essentially more alert and likely to quickly react to discrepancies on the factory floor. By tracking giveaway with Matics’ real-time platform, manufacturers are able to increase efficiency in terms of material, labor, and reduce rework.

In some cases, giveaway can be a sign of a poorly performed changeover, future failure, or a line break. Being able to see the trend developments allows for a great predictive maintenance practice.

Matics’ shop floor control software is a new generation RtOI solution that can help you to achieve your goals in as little as a few weeks and with almost no upfront investment and fully remote installation. Contact us today to learn how it can help tackle the problem of giveaway in your facility – thousands of dollars of savings are on the line.