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What are the benefits for the client?

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Matics transforms the way manufacturers operate, deliver value to their customers, and makes them far more competitive. Our unified solution covers the full spectrum of production management, performance analysis, quality control, dynamic scheduling, and inventory tracking. 

Customers who implemented Matics get:

  • Massive improvements in production efficiency with an average increase of 25% in the first couple of months
  • Significantly higher output 
  • Real-time production KPIs
  • 3% decrease in large material waste
  • 10% decrease in energy consumption
  • Reality check of ERP standard parameters and production models
  • Increased collaboration and better communication between all staff
  • Greater customer satisfaction by meeting delivery dates with precision, delivering new products at a much quicker pace 
  • Knowledge preservation: one central system for knowledge-sharing and storing historical data
  • Precise, computerized control over material consumption through easy integration with dosing systems
  • JIT (just-in-time) enablement 

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