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Manufacturing Challenges

Today, manufacturers struggle with complex issues in the production environment. They contend with a skilled labor shortage and knowledge loss due to an aging workforce as well as high industry competition, and a lack of accurate shop floor data. The lack of visibility makes it difficult to react in real time to constantly changing bottlenecks. Post mortem analysis at the end of a shift is no longer enough. In addition, factory managers must also deal with rising quality demands, an inability to quickly respond to volatile market conditions, and more.

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Improve Your Production Journey with Matics Real-Time Manufacturing Analytics

Matics addresses the most common production challenges

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Lack of shop floor transparency and visualization
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Poor internal communications between teams
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Low machine availability
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High costs due to material waste and QC issues

For All Stakeholders

  • Inability to respond quickly to production changes
  • Knowledge loss, talent and skills shortage
  • Lack of tools to motivate the workforce
  • Burden of high upfront technology investments
  • Lacking bandwidth for heavy on-prem technologies
  • Security, data integrity and connectivity risks
  • Data loss, inaccuracies from paper reporting
  • Ineffective use of machine assets
  • Unreported downtime during shift change
  • Struggle to create pricing models due to inaccurate data
  • Unachievable customer expectations for transparency
  • No precise delivery date on which to base orders
  • Huge costs for inventories, staffing & infrastructure
  • Long cash-to-cash cycles
  • Insufficient forecasting capability
  • Difficulty maintaining the right inventory levels
  • Missed delivery dates due to high rejects level
  • Quality control activities out of sync or inconsistent

What are we doing about it?

Matics manufacturing analytics solution elevates your factory to a whole new level. Unlike the old generation MES systems that produce reports for post-mortem analysis, Matics collects real-time data analytics and transforms it into instant action to improve overall factory operations.

By leveraging cutting-edge industry 4.0 technology, Matics is one source of truth for everyone in the organization, instantly providing KPIs and enabling enterprise-wide communication. With straightforward actionable insights, comprehensive dashboards, and real-time alerts and notifications, Matics’ solution empowers people to make data-driven decisions and achieve 20-30% improvement in OEE in a matter of weeks.

Diverse Industries. Common Challenges.

See how Matics shop floor data analytics can help your business, no matter what industry


Paper, Print & Packaging

Locate and immediately solve production bottlenecks in extrusion, slitting or printing. Use data analysis to streamline processes and shorten your work orders. Create more efficient batches, improve the tracking of fibers and water consumption. Save on waste, energy costs and better monitor the bleaching processes.


Metal Processing and CNC

Dramatically improve the set-up time of machines of any complexity. Decrease the processing time. Monitor raw materials input and avoid costly human errors. Send immediate notifications to minimize downtime and increase capacity. Monitor both manual and automatic welding to minimize rejects.


Plastic, Rubber & Textile

Manage hundreds of machines on a single production floor and control production efficiency in real time. Manage the recipe of raw materials, cut down waste, monitor production speed, quality, units per cycle. Maximize machine availability and ensure predictive maintenance based on actual utilization.


Bottling, Filling & Cosmetics

Evaluate and improve capacity utilization on your bottling and filling lines. Accurately and quickly measure bottle and air quality, product temperature and viscosity. Keep accurate counts of products in real time. Manage cosmetic formulations for cost efficiency and consistency. Avoid rework with preventative rather than corrective maintenance.



Streamline your automotive factory management with just-in-time safety stock, and provide better service to all tiers of customers. Enable quick changeover of models, ensure product quality without defects, and provide OEMs with greater transparency and reliable delivery dates.


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