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MATICS for Household Product Manufacturers: Achieve & Maintain Operational Excellence

Quality Control, Compliance, and Sustainability

Ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance is paramount in the household products industry. MATICS supports stringent quality control processes, guaranteeing that products meet the highest standards and comply with industry regulations. The platform’s data-driven insights help manufacturers implement eco-friendly practices, reduce environmental footprint, and achieve sustainability goals. 

Cost Management and Efficiency

MATICS helps manufacturers reduce production costs by streamlining operations and minimizing inefficiencies. The platform’s predictive maintenance features further contribute to cost savings by reducing unexpected downtime. Additionally, MATICS offers scalable and flexible solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of manufacturers ensuring long-term efficiency and profitability.

Empowering Frontline Workers

MATICS enhances communication and collaboration through real-time information sharing, increasing employee connection to the company and driving up employee motivation. MATICS delivers real-time data about critical issues such as increased rejects and stop events, enabling production teams to immediately address the issues, minimizing downtime, and improving OEE, empowering individuals take ownership and feel connected to company success, as well as provides managers the ability to acknowledge individual success. 


    MATICS in Numbers

    Increase in machine utilization
    Decrease in energy consumption
    Decrease in large material waste
    Weeks return on investment (ROI)

    Key Features & Main Benefits

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    Improved Employee Engagement:
    MATICS' Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) platform empowers frontline workers by providing them with real-time access to critical information and communication tools, enabling production teams to address critical issues immediately. This fosters collaboration, enhances productivity, and drives operational efficiency and effectiveness.
    Digitalized Sustainability Management:
    MATICS prioritizes sustainability in manufacturing operations by offering tools and features designed to optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact.
    Enhance Efficiency with Real-time Data Collection, Visualization and Analysis:
    MATICS excels in collecting, integrating, and analyzing data from various sources such as machines, sensors, personnel, ERP systems, and other manufacturing platforms in real-time. This capability ensures immediate insights into production processes, enabling timely decision-making and proactive problem-solving.

    Key Household Industry Segments MATICS Serves

    Household product manufacturers face unique challenges, such as maintaining consistent product quality, optimizing production processes, and minimizing costs while adhering to sustainability standards. To meet these demands, a comprehensive and adaptable solution is essential. MATICS addresses these needs with cutting-edge digital platform designed to empower production teams to make smarter decisions in real-time, improving productivity and efficiency. 

    Cleaning Products
    Elevate cleaning product manufacturing with automated quality control, and predictive maintenance for consistent quality and optimized production.

    The manufacturing process for cleaning products involves selecting raw materials such as surfactants, solvents, and fragrances, followed by precise formulation, blending, quality control, and packaging. Ensuring consistent product quality and efficient production is critical to meet consumer demands.

    MATICS enhances this process by providing real-time decision-ready insights and call-to-action capabilities, enabling manufacturers to identify and rectify issues swiftly. With MATICS, quality control is streamlined through automated testing and reporting, ensuring that every batch meets rigorous standards. Additionally, predictive maintenance features reduce downtime, further optimizing the production line.

    Personal Care and Hygiene Products
    Achieve precise control and consistency in personal care product manufacturing with MATICS' real-time monitoring and data analytics, ensuring top results

    Personal care and hygiene products, such as soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste, require careful ingredient sourcing, mixing, heating, cooling, and quality testing before molding and packaging. The complexity of these processes demands precise control to maintain product consistency and safety.

    MATICS aids manufacturers by offering a user-friendly interface for monitoring production parameters in real time, ensuring that formulations are mixed and processed accurately. The platform’s robust data analytics capabilities help track and analyze quality metrics, while its communication tools and automation capabilities facilitate better collaboration among teams, enhancing overall production efficiency and product quality.

    Paper Goods
    Optimize paper product manufacturing with MATICS' real-time insights and predictive maintenance for consistent quality and efficiency.

    The production of paper products such as tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper involves pulping, papermaking, embossing, perforation, cutting, rolling, and packaging. This process requires efficient management to maintain the high output needed to meet market demand. 

    MATICS improves the manufacturing of paper products by providing real-time insights into each stage of production. This allows for immediate detection and correction of any deviations from the set parameters, ensuring consistent product quality. MATICS’ predictive maintenance reduces machine downtime, and its real-time data sharing enhances communication and collaboration across the production floor, leading to more efficient operations and better resource management.


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