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Case Studies

Rimoni Delivers on Time and Improves Raw Material Consumption with Matics

The Matics Solution has been integrated at many facilities around the world in order to address specific challenges and improve productivity and efficiency...
Case Studies

Jolybar Improves Productivity and Reduces Reaction Times to Meet Deadlines With Matics

“With Matics, Jolybar has improved machine availability by 20% and reduced setup time by 5%, increasing productivity and helping us meet the guarante...
Case Studies

StePac Shifts to Real-Time Production Management Using Matics

With Matics’ new generation RtOI system for real-time OEE management, Stepac significantly improves its production efficiency.

Advanced Plastics
Case Study

Advanced Plastics Moves to Industry 4.0 with Matics

Adopting a holistic solution for real-time OEE management and enabling continuous improvement of complex production process in real-time

Case Study

How Arkal Automotive Achieved 85% OEE

After implementing Matics, Arkal achieves synergy on the shop floor and much higher productivity worldwide.

tirat zvi
Case Study

Matics’ RtOI Shop Floor Analytics Increases OEE and KPIs for Tirat Zvi

Tirat Zvi implements Matics’ digital management system and improves OEE by 15%.

Case Study

Magic Adopts Real-time Manufacturing Analytics for Optimized Decision Making

With Matics, Magic no longer bases decisions on gut feelings — but on real-time data.

Case Study

Tetro Improves its OEE by 30% with Matics

Tetro gains a real-time window into its production environment by integrating Matics’ plug & play technology.

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