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Rimoni Delivers on Time and Improves Raw Material Consumption with Matics


The Matics Solution has been integrated at many facilities around the world in order to address specific challenges and improve productivity and efficiency. One of those companies is Rimoni, an Israeli plastics manufacturer. By working with Matics, Rimoni has been able to improve productivity across the board and address the unique challenges that their operations faced.

Our solution provides manufacturing operations with real-time operational intelligence (RtOI). The platform aggregates data from your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and machines on the shop floor to give full visibility to your organization, along with the planning and optimization tools needed for continuous process improvement. This solution has provided the tools necessary for Rimoni to succeed.


Defining the Challenges 

Rimoni is a company that applies its extensive expertise in plastics manufacturing to a wide variety of industries. They currently operate two factories that collectively operate over 100 plastic injection molding machines. These factories produce many different parts for automotive, health care, consumer goods, and other industries, priding themselves on the versatility and quality of their work.

Rimoni faced a number of key challenges in their manufacturing environment sought a Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) partner to implement a solution: 

  1. Just-in-time production meant that any solution would have to be implemented without disruption.
  2. Inefficiency in machine and operator scheduling was causing reduced OEE and reduced revenues.
  3. Lack of real-time production data often led to issues being discovered too late to react to and late delivery.
  4. Unoptimized raw material management was causing both an increase in cost due to wasted materials and wasted time spent resolving issues.
  5. A lack of effective communication meant that information was rarely available to individuals when and where they needed it.


Meeting Rimoni’s Business Needs 

RimoniRimoni provides manufacturers worldwide with products. As such, delivery time is among the most important criteria for their organization. With so many organizations operating on just-in-time inventory systems, excessive delivery time can quickly propagate through the supply chain and leave many customers dissatisfied.

The other essential criteria for operations at Rimoni is raw material consumption. Of course, any waste within the process will lead to higher raw material consumption and reduced profitability. 

A disconnect between data and workflows was also leading to challenges for Rimoni. Their quality management relied on data automatically provided by their dosing system. However, this data couldn’t be incorporated into their workflow in an efficient manner.

Rimoni sought not only to overcome these challenges within their operations but to do so in a non-invasive way that would not impact their operations. The goal of the transition would be to emerge an innovative manufacturer in their space. 

It was clear that digitalization was the next big step for their production environment.



Finding the Right Solution for Rimoni

The digitalization that Rimoni hoped to achieve would deliver better quality data, real-time accessibility, remote management, and full visibility. Not only would the selected solution need to meet those goals, but there were additional constraints that would have to be taken into account.

The first was regarding stability and accessibility. Manufacturing operations like those at Rimoni can’t afford significant downtime due to faulty systems. The solution would need to be stable and demonstrate 24/7 availability. Not only that, but they required the solution to be cloud-based and remotely accessible while maintaining security.

The solution that Rimoni was looking for would feature the tools necessary to drill down and segment at any level, allowing stakeholders within the organization to truly understand the process in terms of real-time production and trends. 

Solutions can take significant time to integrate, disrupting operations during that time. Manufacturers like Rimoni that must process work orders in a timely manner can’t afford these kinds of interruptions. A streamlined integration period would be required for any solution.

Most importantly, Rimoni was looking for a true manufacturing solution partner that could work with them to address their unique needs. They required a partner with exceptional customer service and support that goes beyond the features of the solution. 


Results: The Matics RtOI Solution meets all of Rimoni’s Needs 

Rimoni ultimately chose the Matics RtOI platform as their digitalization solution. The Matics team worked closely with Rimoni throughout the process to ensure that they received all the benefits that Matics has to offer. In the end, the Matics Solution proved to be a success for Rimoni across five key success metrics that met the top challenges that Rimoni faced.

  1. Seamless integration with Matics prevented any downtime from interfering with just-in-time production.
  2. Access to accurate productivity information allowed Rimoni to increase productivity with better machine and operator scheduling.
  3. Having access to real-time data and alerts lets Rimoni address issues as they happen and provide on-time delivery more consistently.
  4. Improved raw material management with Matics allowed Rimoni to reduce the cost incurred by waste materials and improve OEE with fewer stoppages.
  5. Improved data visibility and effective communication tools from Matics allowed departments to cooperate more effectively.

Success Metric 1: Seamless Integration

Seamless integration was among the most important requirements for Rimoni. In order to ensure that integration of our solution caused minimal disruption, Matics provided modular integration. The first step was the installation of the Matics Solution on shopfloor personnel mobile devices. This provided immediate access to essential information on machines on the shop floor.

The success of this step demonstrated to Rimoni that the integration of new technology on the shop floor could provide many benefits, rather than complicating processes as they had initially feared. Employee adoption was effortless, with the application seeing daily use to improve operations at this level. As time went on, continued use of the solution allowed their team to realize even greater benefits.

The Matics Solution can provide the same seamless integration for facilities anywhere. The solution is available in multiple languages, making it suited for production teams anywhere in the world. Not only that, but the cloud-based foundation of the solution allows for distributed operations to work seamlessly between multiple locations.

Security is an important element of any transition, and Matics provides a secure cloud-based solution that can integrate with any existing ERP, MES, and more. 

Integration with Rimoni’s ERP and other systems aggregated all of their solutions into a single source of truth for all operations. Now, with easy access to this single source of truth through mounted tablets for all of their machines, Rimoni has achieved digitalization of their shop floor without any unnecessary disruption.

Success Metric 2: Increased Productivity

There are many different factors that can affect the overall productivity of any manufacturing operation. For Rimoni, operations must contend with the complexity of handling multiple process steps, namely mold-making, injection, and assembly. Having to coordinate these steps and material requirements leads to many potential points where productivity can decrease.

This is further complicated by the presence of manual labor input for some machines. Differences between different operators and different shifts can be significant, and being able to evaluate this plays an important role in planning. Matics makes it possible to easily view the productivity of individuals on various machines, creating an opportunity to optimize who runs which machines.

Overall, the Matics Solution allowed Rimoni to increase productivity by 25%. With the real-time understanding that they need, their production teams have been able to improve productivity across the board. This increase came within just three months of integrating the Matics Solution.

Success Metric 3: On-Time Delivery

Delivering products on time is essential across almost every industry and is particularly important for Rimoni’s role within the manufacturing supply chain. Late delivery can severely impede the operations of downstream manufacturers, making delays incredibly costly and liable to lead to lost business immediately.

The digitalization provided by the Matics Solution has given Rimoni the tools they need to sustain on-time deliveries with target costs. This is achieved by giving greater control over real-time production planning to key stakeholders. With Matics, a digital plan can be developed, accessed, and modified as needed. This increased control lets Rimoni react more effectively to changes and avoid potential delays, ensuring costs and deadlines are met.

Making effective use of time is critical to Rimoni’s success. Matics helps make better use of time by providing information in a manner that is immediately actionable. In many cases, production teams can’t make use of the data that they have available. Matics makes it possible to take action when machines aren’t working or when other production issues arise with the information necessary to make effective decisions.

The Matics Solution provides an intuitive and effective way for production teams to evaluate production during shifts in real-time. The comparison between planned and actual production effectiveness to rapidly identify issues and ensure that production timelines are met.

Success Metric 4: Raw Material Management

Effective raw material management is an essential factor in determining the profitability of manufacturers like Rimoni. Excess raw material consumption directly impacts profitability by raising one of the highest costs for operations. For Rimoni, the optimization of raw material use with Matics has had many benefits.

The integration of the Matics Solution provided Rimoni with clear, precise, and accessible information regarding the quantity of material required for individual work orders. This information allowed Rimoni to optimize their workflow around raw material management, ensuring that excess raw material wasn’t used and preventing costly mid-sift shutdowns due to a lack of raw materials.

The management of raw materials was a challenge for multiple stakeholders due to the need to manage raw materials across multiple timelines at the micro and macro levels. Before implementing Matics, production teams and management at Rimoni relied on experience and heuristics instead of data. Now, they’ve been able to thoroughly optimize their raw material consumption management.

The digitalization of Rimoni’s shop floor with Matics has led to a highly effective system for managing raw material consumption. Their team now has easy access to planning and accessing raw material requirements across any timeframe.

Success Metric 5: Enhanced Visibility

For many manufacturing environments, a lack of visibility can be one of the main contributors to decreased productivity. Before Matics, Rimoni didn’t have the streamlined visibility to truly understand what was happening throughout the manufacturing process at any given moment.

Among the consequences of this lack of visibility was the inadvertent creation of information silos where information was largely inaccessible between different departments. It also prevented managers from gaining a real-time overview and insights into the current state of production.

Now, the ability to view in real-time the availability, efficiency, and productivity of the production environment has empowered both managers and other stakeholders within Rimoni to communicate more effectively and efficiently. Data is no longer challenging to obtain but is available to the stakeholders who need it through the Matics secure cloud-based single point of truth.


The Overall Results of Rimoni’s Matics Integration

The digitalization of Rimoni’s shop floor with Matics RtOI has been another case of successfully implementing our solution to improve manufacturing operations. The solution has addressed the primary concerns of Rimoni regarding delivery time and raw material consumption.

The Matics solution has helped Rimoni meet these goals by providing better quality data, real-time accessibility, and full visibility. Today, Rimoni is able to thoroughly optimize operations at the shift level and beyond, improving their ability to meet their customers’ expectations while reducing both material and productivity waste internally.

Rimoni highlighted a number of key Matics features that they believe have helped improve their operations.

  • As a manufacturer with two geographically separated factories, the multi-enterprise performance of Matics enables Rimoni to compare dispersed sites with standardized KPIs.
  • Matics provides a platform for standardizing quality and efficiency standards among separate facilities.
  • Capacity planning for existing factories provides the potential for planning when additional facilities will be necessary to meet demand.
  • Analysis and alerts let production teams address issues before they arise.
  • Solutions can be implemented more quickly and more reliably with full visibility factory floor operations.
  • Continuous process improvement is made possible in both short and long terms with higher quality and more accessible data.
  • Overall streamlined production enables faster time to market
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