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Stay on top of your production schedule

Optimize integrated planning and scheduling with a lean manufacturing tool for real-time OEE 24/7. Get real-time alerts and notifications on performance discrepancies as they happen. Track your production plan progress, proactively respond to operational slowdowns or disruptions, and adjust your plan.

Data-driven decision-making for optimized results

Meet any circumstance with complete confidence in your OEE planner, knowing you have a real-time picture of your manufacturing including real-time inventories and workflow status.

Reduce numerical errors, and make better production decisions. Monitor production rates, machine downtime, cycles, and planned stops. View current activity and the expected completion times for current and future jobs.

Gain a simple, reliable way to identify performance discrepancies as they happen and minimize shipment delays. Dynamically reschedule as needed. Dynamic Gantt gives you planning tools to ensure order delivery dates.

Reduce material and energy consumption
Adopt a holistic enterprise integration of energy efficiency. Minimize waste via dynamic fulfillment. Decrease energy usage through planned staggering of resources, and identify exact machines or parts to retrofit or upgrade to save energy.
Plan the entire process from material to finished goods
All the tools you need to keep accurate tabs on your resources and capacity, how much you can produce at any given time. Simplify complex job orders, batch production, and sequences.
Reallocate your time for better scheduling
Free up valuable time otherwise spent on acquiring, cleaning, and preparing data prior to data analysis and use it instead to optimize schedules of your multisite production or singular factory.
"Matics enabled us to apply standard measurement to our production lines worldwide, and react in real-time to critical production issues"
"With Matics, our access to data is online and immediate and it enables us to make decisions on the spot"
"Matics made it possible to collect data in real-time, gain crucial predictive insights and reduce time-to-market per product by 25%"
"The Matics real-time manufacturing analytics implementation was a plug & play. The key was to be consistent, to teach our people how to use the platform and to help them realize it was in their best interest to use it"
"Matics is a true partner we can rely on to continuously deliver new solutions and solve issues as they arise"

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