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360 digital support to meet your shift’s targets

Matics enables you to collect and analyze data in real time so you can obtain immediate and actionable insights during your shift — and not post mortem. With all that information stored in the cloud, you can maintain transparency and communicate effortlessly with your stakeholders.

Stay on top of your production progress with 24/7 machine monitoring

Leverage a real-time dashboard to track your shift’s progress and to meet targets. Prepare and activate your next job digitally. Get automatic alerts and enter stop reasons in real time.

Connect and communicate digitally with other teams in the context of production. Send instant notifications in case of unexpected events. Call the technician and provide all relevant data in real time.

Go paperless and never again experience information loss or data discrepancies. Access any information in the blink of an eye and pass on important insights to the next shift’s team.

Improve the quality of your reporting
Enter all your critical data in a timely manner for accurate reporting. Matics is the ideal digital assistant to help you manage your responsibilities more effectively and improve your production time.
Leverage top-down and bottom-up communication
Update your manager with unexpected delays. Ask for support when it becomes needed. Receive and report updates in real time.
Be empowered with more control of the production process
By tracking the shop floor on a digital dashboard, you can better evaluate the given parameters and take a more proactive approach to reach your targets.
"Matics enabled us to apply standard measurement to our production lines worldwide, and react in real-time to critical production issues"
"With Matics, our access to data is online and immediate and it enables us to make decisions on the spot"
"Matics made it possible to collect data in real-time, gain crucial predictive insights and reduce time-to-market per product by 25%"
"The Matics real-time manufacturing analytics implementation was a plug & play. The key was to be consistent, to teach our people how to use the platform and to help them realize it was in their best interest to use it"
"Matics is a true partner we can rely on to continuously deliver new solutions and solve issues as they arise"

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