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Manufacturers Need New Solutions to Comply With California’s Latest Plastic Recycling Laws

Plastics manufacturers are facing increasing regulation around the world, and some of the most impactful regulations yet are coming into effect in Californ...
Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Consumers Are Now Driving Change in Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Consumer goods manufacturers are subject to many driving factors that guide trends in the industry. Ultimately, these trends require new approaches on the ...
automotive industry

The State of the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is going through a rapid change driven by new technologies, regulations, and challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain iss...
automotive manufacturer

Top 5 Things Automotive Manufacturers Need to Care About to Secure Their Future

Many industries are undergoing rapid change today as issues such as climate change, environmental sustainability, and plastic waste have taken the spotligh...
Matics - tablet

​​Key Benefits of Smart Manufacturing Software

Smart manufacturing software is one of the pillars of Industry 4.0, providing manufacturers with the means to take control of their operations in entirely ...
Advanced Manufacturing

New National Strategy Sets the Stage for Advanced Manufacturing – How Can Manufacturers Be Ready?

The United States has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing the manufacturing sector with the announcement of the National Strategy for Advanced Manufactu...

How to Adjust Your Approach to Manufacturing KPIs for 2023

As the new year approaches, many manufacturers are reviewing their management practices and workflows to find opportunities for improvement. How you define...
Industry 4.0

The Smart Manufacturing Trends Gaining Momentum Into 2023

With 2022 drawing to a close, the manufacturing industry can look back over a year of significant progress. Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing trends hav...
energy management in manufacturing

Changing the Way Your Organization Handles Energy Management in Manufacturing

Energy prices are on the rise around the world with little sign of slowing any time soon. This puts a significant burden on energy-intensive operations thr...
Matics Webinar pic

Matics Webinar: Shifts in the Global Manufacturing Landscape With the Reshoring Initiative

Reshoring is one of the most widely discussed topics in manufacturing today, and it’s also the topic of the latest Matics webinar. It’s the ongoing pro...
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Top 10 energy saving tips for your shop floor

Saving energy and energy monitoring are top goals for any modern manufacturer, both for the direct energy cost savings and the impact energy consumption ha...

Six Actionable Steps for Manufacturers to Implement IT/OT Convergence

Every manufacturer has both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) technology that they rely on to run their shop floor. Today, new so...
Matics Webinar pic

Matics Webinar: Increase Profitability With a Real-time Production Floor Management System

The modern manufacturing landscape is highly competitive and is undergoing rapid change as manufacturers implement the latest solutions. Our most recent Ma...

The Importance of Work Management Tools on Your Shop Floor

The rise of new Industry 4.0 solutions has led to many manufacturers implementing new methods for monitoring, control, and optimizing the shop floor. Howev...

Aggregate, Analyze, Act: How to Create a Balanced Shop Floor

Most manufacturers haven’t found the right balance for their shop floor yet. They find themselves dealing with misused resources, a lack of communication...

How Did Sustainable Manufacturing Get to Where It Is Today?

Sustainable manufacturing is something just about everyone in the industry is moving toward, with 71.9% of American manufacturers already having a sustaina...

Achieving Sustainability in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Sustainability is among the most important topics in manufacturing today. Manufacturers are facing significant pressure from public opinion and new regulat...

The Five Principles of Lean Manufacturing and How They Improve Manufacturing Operations

Lean manufacturing methodologies are essential for any manufacturer’s success today. The principles of lean manufacturing provide manufacturers with a fr...

The Importance of Quality Manufacturing and How Manufacturers Can Benefit

Quality control, assurance, and management are essential aspects of running any factory floor. Quality manufacturing brings many benefits for manufacturers...

Why Real-Time Operational Intelligence Is the Next Evolution of Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) play a vital role on the factory floor, giving production teams the ability to track, monitor, and document productio...

How Does RtOI Fit Into IT/OT Convergence?

One of the ongoing developments in Industry 4.0 today is IT/OT convergence. Manufacturers rely on both IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Tech...
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Matics Webinar: Implementing Sustainability Metrics at Your Manufacturing Site

Sustainability has never been more important, and manufacturers all around the world require new solutions to develop and implement their sustainability pr...
Industry 4.0 - Header

Industry 4.0 for Manufacturing: Beyond the Hype

“Industry 4.0” is one of those buzzwords that is as exciting as it is misunderstood. We can all agree that it’s the future of manufacturing—now, we...
Efficiency - Header

Increase Production Efficiency with Real-Time Data

Digital transformation in manufacturing is creating new opportunities to improve shop floor operations. Advanced sensors and IoT (internet of things) devic...
Version 3.0

New Features in Matics Version 3.0 Enhance the Impact of Real-time Operational Intelligence

At Matics, we know that manufacturers can’t afford to stop moving forward. That’s why our team is continuously improving our Real-time Operational Inte...

The Impact of Digitalization on On-Time Delivery

On-time delivery (OTD) is an essential metric that has an immediate and significant impact on any business, particularly manufacturing. Manufacturers need ...

How the Benefits of IIoT Are Transforming the Automotive Industry

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is helping manufacturers across multiple industries achieve higher productivity and innovate in new directions. On...

How IIoT Is Changing the Face of Modern Manufacturing

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is a major topic that’s on the minds of manufacturers around the world. The benefits of IIoT are already transfo...

IIoT Provides Manufacturers With Unique Opportunities to Improve Productivity

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is a phenomenon that brings unique opportunities to manufacturing environments. Manufacturers around the world are...
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Smarter Preventive Maintenance: Improve Uptime and Efficiency with Real-Time Operational Intelligence

The technology boom of Industry 4.0 has caused a dramatic increase in the amount of data available from the shop floor. Among this data are the clues to di...
Matics Webinar pic

Matics Webinar Recap: McKinsey’s Approach to Operational Excellence Transformation

Matics recently had the exciting opportunity to host a live webinar discussing the why and how behind operational excellence transformations in manufacturi...
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What Is Real-Time Operational Intelligence?

As digital transformation of manufacturing accelerates globally, processes have become faster and more data is being collected than ever before. Advanced i...

Top 10 Ways to Develop a More Agile Shop Floor

Agility is among the essential factors for success in modern manufacturing. An agile manufacturer is able to deal more effectively when unexpected events h...

How the New UK Plastic Packaging Tax Will Affect Manufacturers – And What They Can Do About It

As part of their ongoing commitment to improving plastic recycling rates, the UK has enacted the new Plastic Packaging Tax as of April 1st, 2022. This tax ...

Digital Twins and How They’re Changing the Face of Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 is bringing manufacturers many new ways to take advantage of data, using it to better monitor and manage production on the factory floor. One ...

Why Manufacturers Can’t Afford to Overlook Energy Consumption Management

In the United States, the industrial sector is responsible for 33% of all energy use. Within the industrial sector, manufacturing consumes 70% of that ener...

The Modern Smart Factory – What Does It Mean for Manufacturers?

The staggering increase in computing power, methods, and technology over the past decade has become the basis for a major revolution in manufacturing. Many...

How Manufacturers Can Make the Shift to Living With COVID-19

The world has now entered the third calendar year of the COVID-19 pandemic, a pandemic that has brought changes to industries around the world. From the be...

What Is Lean Manufacturing Software?

Manufacturers that integrate lean manufacturing principles into their production processes can enjoy a significant increase in efficiency. However, they mu...

Dynamic Scheduling in Flexible Packaging Manufacturing

Flexible packaging represents a major cross-section of all packaging production, seeing use for countless products and applications. With widespread use in...

Real-time Monitoring and Analysis Makes Plastic Mold Maintenance That Much More Effective

Injection molding is a versatile, efficient, and economical method for manufacturing an incredibly wide range of plastic products. It enables production at...

What Will 2022 Bring for Manufacturers?

There isn’t a year that goes by without advancements and changing trends in manufacturing. The only decision that organizations have to make is whether o...
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How to Implement Daily KPI Management in Manufacturing

Setting and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential for the success of any manufacturing operation. However, this isn’t a simple matter o...

8 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

The concept of lean principles in manufacturing isn’t new, but it’s taken on a whole new—and urgent—meaning over the past two years. Adopting digit...

The 10 Best Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Podcasts for 2022

Eager to build on your knowledge of manufacturing optimization and industry 4.0 in the new year? You’re in luck.  There are a wealth of excellent podcas...

How Manufacturers Can Achieve a Circular Economy With Improved Plastic Waste Management

Modern plastics manufacturers need to have effective recycling policies in place to reduce waste, placate public opinion, and reduce costs. With more and m...

Breaking down Information Silos in Manufacturing 

One of the top challenges managers face is understanding what’s going on in real-time in their business, and having full visibility and control over ...

Smart KPI’s in Manufacturing

How Setting Effective Targets with KPI Management Lets Manufacturing Operations Continually Improve Key performance indicators (KPIs) are an essential part...
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How Digitalization is Helping Plastics Manufacturers Meet Environmental Regulations

Governments around the world are introducing increasingly stringent regulations in efforts to decrease pollution and reduce the negative impacts of big ind...

Plastic Manufacturing Data Collection: Enabling Data-Driven Manufacturing

Plastics manufacturers are increasingly interested in implementing Industry 4.0 best practices within their factories, recognizing the many benefits it may...

How to Improve Production Efficiency in the Packaging Industry

Packaging products are integral to the globalized economy that has driven incredible growth in consumer standards of living. The US packaging industry alon...

Do More with the Matics RtOI Solution

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, with more and more manufacturers integrating advanced solutions and adopting industry 4.0 best practices to...

What Are the 3 Phases of Shop Floor Control

Mastering the shop floor control process is a key concern for plants and other production facilities. Shop floor control operates in three distinct phases:...

Why Digital Manufacturing Dashboards Matter for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is all about tracking rapid real-world changes and using them to improve the productivity and profitability of your factory. Naturally, data i...

Real-Time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) in Modern Manufacturing

Simplifying the way manufacturers aggregate, analyze, and act Industry 4.0 has changed the face of manufacturing, forcing manufacturers worldwide to recogn...

Best Practices for Cloud-Based Manufacturing Software

Choosing the right manufacturing software is a key concern for plants during their transition to Industry 4.0. Without the right tools to support them duri...

Predictive Analytics in Manufacturing Use Cases & Benefits

Manufacturing can be chaotic. From unexpected machine breakdowns to materials that suddenly cost more than budgeted for, it’s easy for production to ...

The Importance of Real-time Data for the Packaging Industry

Packaging manufacturers manage time-sensitive issues every day and must adapt their operations quickly to meet consumer demands. Real-time data and analyti...
Collaborate blog

How to Improve Internal Communication on The Shop Floor

Every manufacturing facility depends on good communication in order to survive and thrive. A study by Forrester Consulting revealed that senior production ...

How to Choose Production Management Software for Plastics Manufacturers

The global plastics market is expected to reach a valuation of $750.1 billion USD by 2028 and plastics manufacturers have a golden opportunity. However, th...
control software blog

Why Your Factory Needs Shop Floor Control Software

Maximizing production is the ultimate goal of any manufacturer. Manufacturing shop floor control software can help you to achieve that goal. By shedding li...
The Importance of Real-Time Manufacturing Analytics in Achieving OEE

The Importance of Real-Time Manufacturing Analytics in Achieving OEE

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), cloud, and AI are all transforming manufacturing for the better.

How to Choose Real-Time Manufacturing Tracking Software

Manufacturing is never a completely smooth process. Dealing with unexpected events is an integral part of running a successful production facility. Product...

How to Improve OEE in Manufacturing Industry

If you want your manufacturing facility to run smoothly and profitably, you need to know your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) score. This number reve...

MOM vs. MES: What’s the Difference?

The manufacturing industry has long debated the difference between the terms MOM and MES. Some people think the two are essentially the same and can be use...
Matics Solution

How Matics Helps Maintain Factory Efficiency in a Crisis through Remote Management

The need to rethink crisis management and streamline remote-work for all industries was rapidly accelerated due to the 2020 global Covid crisis. Today, as ...
Quality Metrics blog

5 Quality Metrics in Manufacturing That Drive Higher Manufacturing Quality

Insufficient quality control can create huge losses for manufacturers. The cost of poor quality is estimated to range between 5%-30% of gross sales for mos...

OEE Value: How to Calculate the Financial Impact of OEE?

OEE is a well-known manufacturing KPI that measures the total efficiency of a production plant, but it can also be reframed as a potent financial indicator...

Remotely Manage Factory Operations With Remote Monitoring Technology

Recent turmoil in the global supply chain has revealed just how fragile factory operations can be. 94% of Fortune 1000 companies experienced some sort of s...

What Makes Data Insights Actionable in Manufacturing Operations?

The market for production monitoring software is expected to reach $6.4 billion by 2023, indicating significant demand for the data these tools provide. Ho...
Dynamic Manufacturing Dashboard blog2

How to Build a Dynamic Manufacturing Dashboard

Because of its critical role in disseminating information amongst the team, the dashboard is perhaps the most important element of shop floor control softw...

The Industry 4.0 Maturity Index: 6 Levels Toward Digital Transformation

Each year, as technology advances, the manufacturing industry gains new and exciting opportunities. Industry 4.0 is perhaps the most promising among curren...

3 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Quality Control

The term quality control refers to any measures that are taken to ensure that the products made in a particular facility are free of defects. Given the hig...

CNC Machine Monitoring Software: What Is It and How to Improve Efficiency?

Increasing automation has made CNC machining a highly productive and profitable business, driving a projected annual growth rate of 5.5% between 2019 and 2...
Manufacturing Industry’s Real Enemy blog

Manufacturing Industry’s Real Enemy: Why Time Is The Biggest Threat You Need To Worry About

Whether political turbulence, economic challenges, or biological threats, we live in a world that is increasingly less predictable and where volatility, un...
mold blog

Best Practices in Mold Maintenance & Mold Monitoring

Molds are critical to cost-effective scalable manufacturing, but they come with a high price tag: a complex, high-quality mold for use in the plastics indu...

Best Ways to Successfully Reduce Manufacturing Giveaway

The food industry is notorious for having high levels of giveaway in its manufacturing processes despite its lower-than-average profit margins. Reducing pr...

Leverage OEE with Real-time Data: Here Are The Things You Need to Know

Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE is arguably the most important metric in the manufacturing industry. This single stat tells you exactly how well you...

Using MES to Help With Energy Management Decision Making

The average American manufacturing facility uses 95.1 kWh of energy per square foot each year, and facilities in other countries aren’t far behind. The s...
Blog plastics2

Real-time Material Management for Waste Reduction in the Plastic Industry

One of the great challenges in production management is figuring out how to reduce waste in manufacturing. Even if you think your facility is doing well on...

Are Digital Transformation and Remote Manufacturing Management Achievable During COVID-19?

The COVID-19 quarantine has forced businesses everywhere to shift to remote operations and drastically re-evaluate the scale of their operations for the im...

7 Ways to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency during Coronavirus

It’s official – coronavirus is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Countries all over the world are asking their citizens to make...
Cloud-Based MES vs. On-Premise MES

Cloud-Based MES vs. On-Premise MES

In the past, manufacturers had huge concerns about using cloud-based MES systems. The cloud was evolving quickly, with hundreds of new providers entering t...
The Factory-Floor Side of Smart Digital Transformation

The Factory-Floor Side of Smart Digital Transformation

The Factory-Floor Side of Smart Digital Transformation For the past decade, the manufacturing world has been shaping itself slowly but surely into another ...
5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Energy Consumption

5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Energy Consumption

The 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive establishes a set of binding measures to help the EU reach its 20% energy efficiency target by 2020. Under the Direc...
Matics 1.9

Matics 1.9

We are Pleased to announce the release of version 1.9 of Matics The latest and exciting version of Matics offers tools to the entire factory team, prov...
I have ERP implemented in our factory, so why do I need MES_

I have ERP implemented in our factory, so why do I need MES?

I have been conducting implementation and support for projects implementing our out-of-the-box MES system, Matics, and I often find that MES and ERP roles ...

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