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Do More with the Matics RtOI Solution


The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, with more and more manufacturers integrating advanced solutions and adopting industry 4.0 best practices to their shop-floor every day. As this occurs, what manufacturers need and expect from the technological partners’ changes. 

Until recently, manufacturers thought that all they needed to maximize productivity and OEE was an ERP or MES system that aggregates data. However, they soon discovered that just collecting data wasn’t enough. To be meaningful and yield decision-ready insight, data aggregation must be effectively analyzed in real-time and then presented in a contextually relevant way.  

Today, that too is not enough.  

To truly optimize operations, strengthen competitive advantage and streamline operations, manufacturers need a Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution that enables them to automate processes, standardize workflows and customize their work-order to the level that suits their needs. 

And that is exactly what our latest product version aims to provide. 

Workflow Automation

One of the most critical issues for manufacturers today is the time it takes to respond to events. When issues occur on the shop floor, the time it takes to recognize it, identify the cause, determine what needs to be done, and then respond can be detrimental to a plant if not done quickly.  

Many times these events are frequently occurring, yet identifying them, analyzing them, and responding to them still impacts the operational workflow.  

The Matics RtOI solution recently addressed this issue by introducing pre-set triggers and automated processes based on customized rules. 

This new feature combines human expertise with operational intelligence, enabling manufacturers to input triggers for which they will receive alerts and then implement automated workflows based on these events. Implementing automated workflows further standardizes manufacturing processes and streamlines the operational efficiency of the shop floor. 

For example, if the productivity output of a machine drops below a certain threshold, this may not trigger any alerts in a traditional ERP system; however, an experienced manager may know that when productivity begins to taper, it is a sign of something else. Furthermore, they may also know precisely what needs to be done when these types of events take place. 

With Matics, managers can create triggers for events they know are critical within their shop-floor, and then ensure that the response is automated. By automating processes based on pre-set triggers, the time it takes to respond to events is drastically reduced, improving output and reducing the impact of the event on the production efficiency. 

Complete Dashboard Customization 

While a complex dashboard with every piece of datapoint imaginable sounds like a good idea, in reality, having too much information at hand can increase the time it takes to identify issues, reducing productivity and efficiency. 

To ensure operations are streamlined, each person within a shop-floor needs to see the precise information they need to perform their job in the most efficient way. For that, it is best to have a completely unique application for each person on the shop floor. 

While persona-based apps for manufacturing shop-floor management is a step in the right direction, to truly enhance productivity, it is necessary to ensure all team members are on the same page. This is done by ensuring that there is a customized view for each team or role, thereby standardizing their point of view. 

This latest feature was recently added to the Matics RtOI solution, enabling managers to standardize the dashboard view and customize it to the unique needs of the various shop-floor roles. 

By offering managers the ability to customize and control the dashboard view, the workflow is improved, and productivity streamlined throughout the whole shop-floor. When each person sees the information they need in a way that is contextually relevant to them, it becomes easier to identify, assess and react to situations, shortening response times and optimizing operations. 

In-Depth Parameter and Tagging 

As the needs of manufacturers continue to evolve, so does their desire to dive deeper into their data. However, many manufacturers lack the ability to truly analyze their work order history since they cannot fully customize the parameters. 

Today, work orders are often placed with general or limited parameters about the product, the customer, and the material. However, many manufacturers would like to customize work-order parameters to improve tagging, analysis, and reporting. 

Matics is proud to add customized work order tags to the latest Matics RtOI product release, enabling managers to analyze jobs and gain a true understanding of the state of their shop-floor based on the parameters that matter most to them. 

Customizing parameters makes it easier to identify discrepancies in output or analyze the OEE of different production lines. This is particularly beneficial for managers who want to compare efficiency and output clearly, such as for similar products that have slightly different specifications for each country.  

If a manufacturing plant cannot differentiate between the different parameters, it will be difficult to assess the output and efficiency of each work order. However, with this new feature, managers can easily compare output based on their predefined parameters, enabling future business decisions to be made based on the most accurate information. 

Changing the way people work in factories
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Continually Evolving For You 

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving, and we believe that as a leading Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution, it is our role to continue evolving with our customers. 

We are committed to helping manufacturing leaders worldwide digitalize their shop floor, improve operational efficiency, streamline communication, standardize workflow management, and implement industry 4.0 best practices every step of the way.  

To learn more about the latest product features, or to hear about the full scope solution we have for manufacturers, contact us today. 


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