Matics for Managers

Know what’s going on when it’s going on

Take the right data-driven decisions to optimize performance and cut costs. Empower your personnel with the right tools and promote greater collaboration. Effortlessly manage global teams and operations by applying the same manufacturing KPIs to all production floors.

Daily production monitoring for real-time actionable insights

Gain the full visibility to achieve your goals and make production improvements with a cutting-edge manufacturing enterprise system. Instantly access any machine, department or factory’s KPIs. Customize your reports and dashboards.

Assign tasks, send calls-to-action and focus your team to win the shift every time. Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming paper reports. Easily view what was communicated, to whom and when

Focus on critical issues in real time. Receive instant alerts and notifications to identify performance discrepancies, fix bottlenecks and prevent problems from any device.

Digitalization is the key to efficiency improvement
Holistic view of the whole business to facilitate smart, data-based decision-making. Access to accurate real-time data. One central real-time operational intelligence system for knowledge-sharing and storing historical data.
Achieve over 20% efficiency improvement in a matter of weeks
Immediately actionable manufacturing insights. Proactive response to operational slowdowns or disruptions. Increased machine availability. Reduction in material, energy and maintenance costs.
Stay on top of your production KPI's
Live OEE management to allow dramatic improvements across the entire production journey. Consistent measurements across all shifts, departments and sites for easy comparisons.
"Matics enabled us to apply standard measurement to our production lines worldwide, and react in real-time to critical production issues"
"With Matics, our access to data is online and immediate and it enables us to make decisions on the spot"
"Matics made it possible to collect data in real time, gain crucial predictive insights and reduce time-to-market per product by 25%"
"The Matics real-time manufacturing analytics implementation was a plug & play. The key was to be consistent, to teach our people how to use the platform and to help them realize it was in their best interest to use it"
"Matics is a true partner we can rely on to continuously deliver new solutions and solve issues as they arise"

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