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End to End Production Management Solution

Matics, the leading RtOI solution, provides a real-time window into your manufacturing environment for instant control, visibility over operations and greater profitability. Matics allows SMEs to achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence, improve corporate transparency, and create an information-based decision-making culture. Our solution includes smart notifications, and messaging tools for collaborative management that allow to streamline workflows and boost synergies on the production floor.
Matics solution, comprised of apps for mobile phones, tablets, desktop and wearable devices, provides robust collaboration tools to increase productivity. Each is designed to optimize the tasks assigned to managers, engineers and shop floor operators. Easy to learn and use, these apps provide each user with relevant, real-time information and actionable insights through machine-connected group chats, task management system, calls-to-action, triggered alerts and notifications to resolve issues proactively and boost productivity. Full visibility and real-time data reporting throughout the manufacturing process support an information-based decision-making culture that enables workers, technicians and managers to make fast and effective operational and business decisions.
Matics is taking a holistic view of the manufacturing process, building technology that is pervasive throughout the whole factory, serving all stakeholders through a set of smart connected applications. The system provides a secure, independent and stable wireless network that operates separately from the factory. Using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence for manufacturing data assessment, Matics collects, processes and analyzes raw data in real time from old and new machines (from the most modern digital equipment to traditional analog machines and manual, labor-intensive production processes), users, information systems, tracking devices and IoT sensors in real time to ensure a comprehensive view of the factory’s operations.
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Multi Factory Solution

Matics supports factories of all sizes. Seamlessly deploy Matics shop floor data analytics platform via its multi-language interface. Get real-time visibility on multi-factory performance with the ability to easily compare between several geographically-distributed sites by standardizing KPIs across global factories.

Gain a better tool for consistent management of your remote operations and establish global standards for quality and efficiency. Help each local factory site gain a greater awareness of its performance, improve internal communications, and cultivate a tradition of continuous improvement. Improve capacity planning in existing plants and evaluate when to add a new site, drawing on estimates from historic and real-time activities.

Production line

Agile Cloud-Based Platform for the Digital Factory Age

Turn every shift into a win. Resolve production issues before they arise. Make faster fixes with pervasive views of the factory. Improve production efficiencies by analyzing data patterns to make immediate process improvements.
Plug &
Play Agile Platform
Plug &
Play Agile Platform
Deploy within hours. Start delivering ROI immediately
Data Collection
Data Collection
Seamless integration with existing information and legacy systems
Cloud Technology
Cloud Technology
Access accurate production data from anywhere
Instant Communication &
Instant Communication &
Collaborate, assign tasks & track progress in real time
Factory Floor
Smart Connected Apps
Factory Floor
Smart Connected Apps
Pervasive technology for the needs of each stakeholder
Self customizable multilingual interface for any factory size

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common concerns when implementing a shop floor software like Matics?

Costs – Unlike expensive on-prem softwares, Matics requires a minimal upfront investment.

Security – We understand that as the use of cloud-based RTOI / MES systems grows, so do concerns about data security and transfer speed. In response, Matics provides a secure, independent and stable wireless network that operates separately from the factory. Manufacturing data is encrypted for transfer from the shop floor to the router to the cloud using Matic’s proprietary technology.

Change – Creating organizational change and getting all team members on board can be tough. Adding the Matics solution is a painless and non-disruptive process, requiring little training and time.

We’re about to implement an MES system in our factory. Why would we need Matics?

Matics is much more than just another MES/MOM platform. It’s a smart real-time manufacturing analytics platform that provides unprecedented visibility and control of your manufacturing process – anytime, anywhere. Our secure, cloud-based MES system with smart applications empower your people to make smarter and better-informed production decisions. So you can resolve issues faster and achieve immediate productivity gains.

From planning & scheduling, through all production stages and work procedures, all the way to the warehouse, we provide a comprehensive production management solution. We enable you to optimize production efficiency and digitally streamline every part of your manufacturing process using secure connectivity, deep data analytics and advanced computing.

How long does it take to implement Matics and see ROI?

Matics plug & play deployment is fast, modular and non-disruptive. You’ll start to see significantly higher OEE analytics and manufacturing results in 3-4 weeks.

Matics’ digital manufacturing systems are installed in hundreds of production floors worldwide, connecting thousands of machines, in highly demanding production environments. Customers who implemented Matics see impressive improvements in operational efficiency over current static, offline management methods with an average increase of 25% in the first three months. In addition they benefit from 3% decrease in large material waste and 10% decrease in energy consumption.

What are the other tangible benefits of using Matics?

Our unified solution covers the full spectrum of production management, performance analysis, quality control, and inventory tracking.

Instant notification of energy deviations allows predictive machine maintenance and optimizes energy consumption. Easy integration with dosing systems enables precise, computerized control over material consumption, minimizing waste. Together, they help to enhance both productivity and sustainability.

Why do I need shop floor visibility?

Every manufacturer at some point struggles with an inefficient use of its labor, machine assets, and systems. Mistakes and downtime are costly. What seems to be a minor quality issue today develops into extensive problems later. Research shows that factories are operating at just 30-50% of their capacity due to low visibility of the production floor.

With the current lack of accurate factory floor data, it’s now critical for enterprises to adopt new technologies that enable and empower better production decisions with real-time data, unlocking greater value in the manufacturing process.

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) surveyed manufacturing companies that have digitized their processes and found astounding results:

  • 82% increased efficiency
  • 49% experienced fewer product defects
  • 45% increased customer satisfaction

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