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Industry 4.0 Technologies for Dramatic Increase in Productivity

Achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence with minimum upfront investment. Encourage data-based decision-making.

Plug & Play Agile Solution

Matics real-time manufacturing analytics solution comes in a hassle-free DIY package that can be deployed within hours for immediate and tangible results. The low-touch non-disruptive technology does not affect your factory’s internal IT systems and ensures minimal production time losses.
No matter the size of your operations, Matics offers an affordable and cost-effective solution that’s scalable per machine. Its flexible, modular deployment capabilities allow you to grow and expand at your own pace – from entry-level production analytics to a comprehensive production journey.
Easily scale from a few machines to hundreds of machines while supporting the management of multiple sites. Our system configurations and pricing model are designed with complete flexibility, so you can pay for what you need now, and scale up as your business grows.



Optimized Data Collection

Offering a holistic view of the manufacturing process, Matics is a real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) platform. It transforms vast amounts of operational data from both old and new machines, people, IoT sensors and environments into actionable information, accessible from any device.
By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Matics integrates seamlessly with legacy in-house systems and absorbs existing information. Matics captures your shop floor data in a secure way and delivers straightforward insights for improving production efficiency.
All the aggregated data becomes easily accessible from one source (your app or desktop dashboard). You’ll now be able to streamline workflows, boost productivity and break down any siloes disrupting your manufacturing excellence. You’ll also be able to pinpoint problem areas from root cause analysis and instantaneous reporting.



Secure Cloud Technology

Matics is a secure cloud platform that easily integrates with information & peripheral systems. The proprietary InCloudFactory™ ensures secure, fast and stable data connectivity from your shop floor to the router to the cloud.
Benefit from a wealth of IT capabilities including but not limited to storage, accessibility, automated back-ups, disaster recovery, and IT maintenance – all while dramatically cutting costs and boosting efficiency.
As the transfer of data occurs in real time from all manufacturing lines to one centralized source, you can access accurate production data instantly using an app on any device. As a plant manager, you can analyze past events, offer guidance to staff, and resolve issues faster. Being a cloud-based solution, Matics streamlines operations, maximizes production and most importantly, meets or exceeds customer expectations.


Communication & Notifications

Matics’ solution gives your company the vital ability to communicate in real time across all machines and processes, improving quality and efficiency. With tools to capture, transfer and maintain all your data and expertise in-house, you’ll never experience knowledge loss again.
Matics’ comprehensive production floor management toolbox includes real-time alerts and smart notifications for critical issues and performance discrepancies. You’ll be able to fix breakdowns faster, generate new tasks and send immediate calls to action.
Our streamlined chat-based system fosters trust and collaboration amongst the whole workforce. With complete visibility, managers can easily see all communication between staff, assign responsibilities, track progress and make adjustments for greater productivity.



Factory Floor Smart Connected Apps

Matics’ intuitive and user-friendly interface is designed as a suite of smart connected applications tailored to the needs of each stakeholder from management to line workers, planners, technicians and quality control managers. Our technology is pervasive throughout the whole factory, serving all employees as well as facilitating collaboration across different teams.
Matics is one source of truth for everyone in the organization, instantly providing KPIs, and applying standard measurement across all sites for reliability and data-driven decision-making. Matics’ unique technology enhances enterprise culture, making it more transparent, collaborative and informed.


Configurable Design

Matics’ platform is designed to meet each factory’s unique requirements. It is configurable, expandable and adaptable to the changes that occur in modern production environments.
A clear and self-customizable multilingual interface enables each plant to tailor the system to reflect its own manufacturing processes. Almost directly after the installation, you can start receiving reports and actionable insights to increase operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The system supports factories of all sizes, from small workshops to global operations with multiple and geographically-distributed sites. It connects all machines on the production floor, from the most modern digital equipment to traditional analog machines as well as to manual, labor-intensive production processes.




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