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StePac Shifts to Real-Time Production Management Using Matics

Business Needs: Achieving greater production efficiency Eliminating manual processes that result in human errors and mistakes in favor of an automated, rea...
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PEX Report

Industry 4.0 Adoption Report

Discover invaluable insights to take your operational performance to the next level
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5-Step Guide to Win The Shift Wherever You Are

Effectively manage your shop floor operations  and gain 100% visibility & control over production.
Advanced Plastics
Case Study

Advanced Plastics Moves to Industry 4.0 with Matics

Adopting a holistic solution for real-time OEE management and enabling continuous improvement of complex production process in real-time   Business Ne...
Case Study

How Arkal Automotive Achieved 85% OEE

Arkal Automotive, Lightweight Plastics Design & Manufacturing Business Needs Achieve higher productivity worldwide

How to Increase Your Factory Productivity by 25%

Read this eBook and find out 7 ways to achieve higher productivity levels and rise above industrial challenges.
tirat zvi
Case Study

Matics’ RtOI Shop Floor Analytics Increases OEE and KPIs for Tirat Zvi

Tirat Zvi, Food Production Business Needs: Improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Case Study

Magic Adopts Real-time Manufacturing Analytics for Optimized Decision Making

How did Magic Polo Plast, a plastics manufacturer, improve production and save money with Matics? By Eran Appel, Magic CEO Our Goals: Eyes on the manufactu...
Case Study

Tetro Improves its OEE by 30% with Matics

Tetro gains a real-time window into its production environment by integrating with Matics Challenges Controlling the production flow, tracing mistakes and ...

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