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The Matics solution for Magic: Real time manufacturing analytics for optimized decision making


How did Magic Polo Plast, a plastics manufacturer, improve production and save money with Matics?

By Eran Appel, Magic CEO

Our Goals:
Eyes on the manufacturing floor 24/7

Magic Polo Plast is a plastics manufacturing plant that was established in Kibbutz Ma’anit over 20 years ago. It operates 12 production lines and injection machines and has about 30 employees at its service.

When I first arrived here, my goal was to stabilize the entire production
floor, and to start organizing procedures in order to turn this small family operation to a much larger business with increased capabilities and infrastructure that will allow it to grow.

It was very important for me to be able to see and to understand what was happening on the production floor without having to be physically present there at all times. The factory

is running at night while we are sleeping. When we would arrive in the next morning, we wouldn’t know if all the machines worked or not unless we would go down to the production floor to evaluate how many products had been produced during the night.

Implementing Matics:
Easy, fast, with very few adaptations

The implementation process was very fast. It took about two weeks to a month to connect all the machines to the controllers, then approximately two weeks to set up everything in the system and that was it – we were up and running.

“One of the greatest thing about this system is that the software at its core is delivered with all the options that we wanted and were looking for, so there was no need for long programming and major changes. As far as we’re concerned, it’s an off-the-shelf software.”

The Challenges:
Turning fear of “big brother” into a positive competition

Our main challenge was – to make sure that the people, the employees had all the tools to operate the system adequately and to simplify the working process as much as we could for a smooth run.  

On the second day that we implemented the system, we noticed that the cycle time in one of the machines had increased by a few seconds. After doing some research it turned out that at night the production cycle time was automatically extended.

This phenomenon was the norm within the factory for years. It is very convenient at night to lower your tempo and to work slower. When the workers realized that we can see them and that we can tell exactly at which point in time the production cycle changed – ultimately, they understood that it was the livelihood of each one of us that was actually at stake. Then, something positive emerged; a team spirit and a positive competition where each shift wants to prove that it’s better than the previous one. This positive environment fosters positive outputs which only keep on improving.

We’ve connected all the shift managers and all the maintenance managers to the Matics application. This provides the employee with a sense of belonging and responsibility, and they feel that they are part of this team that drives this business to success.

The Benefits to Magic:
Data based decision making in real time, Greater efficiency, Money saving.

The value of this system is reflected through our ability to see online what is going on in our factory, and our ability to make decisions on the spot.

In the past, we’ve had to finish an entire series of products to find out if the machines were working properly or not, but today our access to data is online and immediate.
Today we do not hold any meetings without the Matics system. At each operation meeting the screens open and we simply go through each machine. We check what happens, when to change a pattern, when it should finish, if there are delays, and if there are stops; and if there are any, we conduct a diagnostic as to why.

“Today, we analyze the production floor on a daily basis. This means that every day we receive a report that lists where we should have been according to standards; where we stand in relation to our goals. And if we run into a problem, we are aware of it on the spot, and we can alert the team to check and make the necessary repairs.”

Over the past years, we were able to make decisions regarding certain products – some were put on hold because they proved to be less effective in connecting the product, the mold and the machine. We also found that investing in a new mold in a certain product has improved efficiency in the product.

Matics provides us with the ability to successfully analyze data more accurately. The more accurate we are, the more accurate our solutions are -we no longer work with our gut feelings – but from real time data.

“This ability to drill down and to understand what has happened, how and why, helps us reach efficiency and save money.”

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