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Matics 1.9

Matics 1.9

We are Pleased to announce the release of version 1.9 of Matics

The latest and exciting version of Matics offers tools to the entire factory team, providing accurate insights and enabling users to communicate more effectively in order to impact the production process in real-time.

Communicate your insights
Automatic notifications and insights help managers identify problems earlier and address them faster.
A new inter-organizational communication platform helps track and record the flow of communications:

  • Managers can relay short massages to any work station from a single convenient dashboard.
  • Operators can request technical assistance and notify their supervisors promptly. 
  • Technicians can receive service calls from any work station and report their work from their mobile phone.

Track performance
A new target dashboard helps managers set their goals for the factory, department or even specific machine and track their performance in real time.
Operators can track their own shift performance and react faster and more effectively with the Operator App – their Personal Assistant.
A new operational panel gives shift managers and planners better control to manage their departments.

Real-Time Manufacturing Analytics
Managers and Planners will benefit from extensive real time analytics enabling them to extract meaningful information from their data, respond and take corrective action in real-time.
Matics RtOI (Real-time Operational Intelligence) system offers greater assistance and empowers manufacturing teams to respond faster and more accurately by providing the relevant information to the right people in the right context at the right time.

We hope you will use these valuable and exciting improvements for empowering your team and identifying new opportunities to increase your performance.

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