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New Features in Matics Version 3.0 Enhance the Impact of Real-time Operational Intelligence

Version 3.0

At Matics, we know that manufacturers can’t afford to stop moving forward. That’s why our team is continuously improving our Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution with new features and optimizations. 

We’re proud to announce the release of Matics Version 3.0, a major step forward that brings manufacturers even more Industry 4.0 capabilities.

New Look and Feel

We strive to provide you with a solution that delivers flexible features while staying intuitive to use. Our most recent look and feel changes make it even easier for manufacturers to use the Matics RtOI solution with ease.  We’ve redesigned tables, allowing manufacturers to save preferred filter sets and share their customized tables with others. This lets you find the information you need faster and streamlines collaboration.

The recipe management page has also been redesigned for easier and faster use. Real-time batch information can be entered and adjusted as needed, with the option to have new inputs split jobs for easier consumption path tracing.

Managers, production teams, and other stakeholders can now view processes more intuitively with the addition of machine classifications. Visually distinct indicators can now show what a digital twin is representing, whether that’s a manual workstation, production line, peripheral system, or sensor. Any process can now be understood and identified at a glance.

Enhanced Process Monitoring With New Process Control Dashboards

Matics Version 3.0 adds enhanced process control capabilities that allow for more versatile process comparison and monitoring. Through the process control dashboard, manufacturers can display control charts and monitor the relationships between specific processes based on selected parameters.

This enables teams to better identify and react to potential bad outcomes before they happen. Custom process control dashboards can be easily shared to enable collaboration on process evaluation and optimization, putting everyone on the same page in terms of process control visualization.

Online Prediction Capabilities 

The powerful analytics provided by Matics now provide additional insight and predictions based on statistical analyses of process control data. Manufacturers can know about potential out-of-control processes before they reach a crisis point, allowing them to respond proactively.

Manufacturers can take process automation a step further with custom rules based on these analyses. SPC triggers eliminate latency in dealing with out-of-control processes, ensuring that the appropriate stakeholders are called into action immediately.

Achieve Greater Visibility, Monitoring, and Optimization With Custom KPIs

Matics Version 3.0 now gives manufacturers more capabilities to develop custom KPIs for their processes. Manufacturers can create custom KPIs in addition to standard OEE KPIs in order to capture and monitor critical information unique to their processes. Standard KPIs can also be fine-tuned to suit a manufacturer’s specific needs.

These custom KPIs can be monitored through custom dashboards that can be easily shared for collaboration. Managers can gain quick insight into how operations are progressing with access to the smart KPI dashboard through the Matics Manager App.

Additional Insights and Easier Access

Matics Version 3.0 makes it easier for stakeholders to access important insights and collaborate by bringing the factory and department insights together in one list. Both levels now have access, making it easier to carry out comparisons between departments.

A new insight has also been added, Insight 247. This provides a table view of the aggregated performance for any system object. The table includes parameters and KPIs, and clicking any object provides instant access to the raw data.

This new insight points manufacturers directly to anomalies and is a valuable tool for identifying problems and the factors that caused them.

More Production Data Integration Options

Matics Version 3.0 adds a new data sync tool that enables easy file synchronization between our solution and your site’s local tools and 3rd party ERP and MRP systems. Mapping imported data fields to current data files is streamlined and intuitive, making it easier to make the most of all available resources with Matics.

Bringing Manufacturers More New Features

Matics Version 3.0 marks a major release, but our team is far from finished bringing manufacturers new features that are both intuitive and effective. We’re committed to continuing to provide updates that increase capabilities, streamline workflows, facilitate collaboration, and let manufacturers enjoy the latest advancements in Industry 4.0.

You can contact us today to find out more about what’s new in Matics Version 3.0 and the solid foundation of RtOI features that this new release builds on.


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