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How Matics Helps Maintain Factory Efficiency in a Crisis through Remote Management

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The manufacturing industry is faced with many challenges during these days of uncertainty. When so many of us are working remotely, the ability to access production floor data and KPIs from multi-site factories spread across the world, in a single centralized cloud platform, is priceless. Accurate, real-time to the minute data analysis is critical for factory managers trying to optimize production efficiency and take better business decisions. 

Matics These Days/in Times of Coronavirus 

Matics real-time production efficiency solution for shop floor control becomes a vital tool for all factory stakeholders from day 1 – from top managers to operators to planners. While social distancing policies are keeping people far away from one another, Matics suite of apps help everyone stay in touch and in the know, resulting in machine availability increase by over 25%, while maintaining the highest product quality. 

Here are more reasons why you should consider implementing the Matics cloud solution for your plant as soon as possible:

1. Fully remote management with 100% visibility in real time
Matics provides complete transparency and visibility into production processes REMOTELY for full control over operations in factories of all sizes. Easily accessible from any device, managers can view REAL-TIME KPIs from any machine, production line or site 24/7.

2.Real-time alerts and notifications on critical issues
Matics ensures smart alerts are automatically sent to staff as soon as performance variations are detected, or KPIs shift from pre-set limits. Operators and managers can then instantly respond to bring the process back into balance, avoiding costly downtime or product quality issues before they become serious, hugely expensive problems.  

3. Easy and rapid communication for teams success
Social distancing policies are currently keeping people far away from one another. Matics gives all staff a way to communicate within the production context, keep in touch and stay on top of vital happenings like production halt alerts and technician visits. Tracking all processes in real time helps teams be more productive, accountable and keeps the stress away by letting them remain in control at all times. 

4. Significant cost reductions without stopping operations
Detailed manufacturing analytics that Matics offers in real time, allows to draw attention to areas where expenses could be cut down. Actionable insights guide the management, allowing to dramatically reduce: energy consumption, reject yield, waste, and labor costs.

5. Total agility to scale in any direction
Real-time analytics for manufacturing efficiency and actionable insights allow producers to be as agile as this high level of uncertainty requires. Manufacturers can maintain appropriate stocking levels of resources, plan delivery dates with precision and communicate with employees and managers in one central system (even when they are away due to quarantine or in remote locations), tracking tasks, decisions, and capturing necessary information. 

6. Maximized production efficiency
If you are manufacturing a product that is in high demand now, you need every little boost to your production capacity that you can get. Matics helps maximize machine availability by 25%, minimize stops, fix bottlenecks quickly and maintain high product quality.

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Use Matics to Maintain Factory Efficiency in a Crisis through Remote Management

To sum up, Matics is the most robust out of the existent RtOI solutions, that can guide factories of all sizes through the changing conditions, and help them come out of these trying times stronger than before. With instant deployment that doesn’t require any stops in manufacturing, the ROI is around only 4 weeks. What’s more, Matics clients report undeniable benefits from a new culture that is collaborative, transparent, and empowering everyone on the production floor.

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