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The 10 Best Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Podcasts for 2024

Eager to build on your knowledge of manufacturing optimization and industry 4.0 in the new year? You’re in luck. 

There are a wealth of excellent podcasts covering all of the exciting things happening in the industry every day. From news segments and formal interviews to off-the-cuff discussions about what’s really going on inside modern factories, here are some of the best manufacturing podcasts to listen to in the coming year.

10 Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Podcasts to Tune Into in 2024

1. The Industry 4.0 Podcast 

The Industry 4.0 Podcast is a production sponsored by UtilityAR, a provider of augmented reality solutions for industrial training. Their content covers many topics relevant to manufacturers hoping to upgrade their facilities with next-generation solutions. Some highlights include an in-depth dive into the concept of a ‘digital twin,’ an overview of some best practices for industrial dashboards, and an episode on how virtual spaces can improve team collaboration.  

2. Manufacturing Tomorrow

Manufacturing Tomorrow is produced by the Ohio Manufacturing Institute, an education center at The Ohio State University. It typically features interviews with industry leaders, including engineers, executives, and even academics. These exchanges usually center around the many ways manufacturers can use digital technologies to drive growth, though other topics are occasionally discussed.

The show’s academic leanings are clear from the somewhat detached nature of these conversations, but that isn’t always a drawback. Episodes occasionally touch on theoretical manufacturing applications or solutions that are still in development, giving you access to bleeding-edge content you won’t find anywhere else. 

3. Manufacturing Happy Hour 

Manufacturing Happy Hour is hosted by Chris Luecke, a professional who spent more than a decade helping manufacturing facilities upgrade their production processes with automated solutions.  Now, he hosts candid conversations about how the manufacturing world is changing with the very people who are driving that change – young up-and-coming talent. Recent episode topics include digital transformation, cybersecurity threats, and a 12-interview live special covering A 3’s 2021 Autonomous Mobile Robots and Logistics Conference.  

4. Advanced Manufacturing Now  

Advanced Manufacturing Now is a podcast by SME Media, a top non-profit association for manufacturing professionals with a nearly 90-year history. Not only do they cover all angles of Industry 4.0 (or “smart manufacturing” as they call it), but they also delve into the finer points of topics like additive manufacturing, welding, and machining to identify how those areas are being impacted by the rise of new technologies.  

5. 10 in 10 

Don’t have much time to spare in your busy day but still want to invest a few minutes in learning about manufacturing operations management? 10 in 10 is the podcast for you. Each micro-episode is approximately 10 minutes long and is structured as a lightning round of 10 quick questions. This bite-sized podcast tackles a range of topics that are relevant to today’s manufacturers, including energy conservation and the practical considerations involved when introducing new technologies into a manufacturing facility.  

6. The Sound of Automation Podcast 

The Sound of Automation podcast is produced by CPA firm Clayton & McKervey and offers deep dives on automation-related topics within the manufacturing industry. Given its origins from within an accounting firm, it is no surprise that many of its episodes focus on the financial aspects of manufacturing automation. This unique perspective sets the show apart from many of its competitors. Some of the latest episodes have covered subjects like data analytics, year-end planning, and figuring out which KPIs really make a difference in your bottom line. 

7. Industrial Talk with Scott Mackenzie 

Industrial Talk with Scott Mackenzie owes its popularity in part to its practical, down-to-earth tone. Mackenzie was once a lathing contractor before working his way up to executive positions and finally moving into full-time podcasting. His hands-on experience in the industry shines during his interviews with industry leaders on the cutting edge of manufacturing. Episodes cover a diverse range of subjects relevant to the industry, including transportation, supply chains, and other key manufacturing concerns.  

8. Making Chips 

Led by a trio of manufacturing enthusiasts with extensive experience in both the business and hands-on aspects of the manufacturing industry, Making Chips is a popular podcast that explores the realities of modern manufacturing from an insider’s point of view. With over 200 episodes in their archives, this podcast has a wealth of information to offer manufacturers eager to learn more about the technology, processes, workforce management techniques, and other considerations that drive leading facilities. 

9. The 4.0 Solutions Podcast 

Walker Reynolds and Zack Scrivens are two seasoned professionals in the industrial IoT space who have pivoted into digital instruction. They currently run 4.0 Solutions, an online education center for Industry 4.0 concepts and solutions. The 4.0 Solutions Podcast is one of the many ways they have chosen to share their knowledge with the world. With a balanced mixture of interviews, live Q&As, news coverage, and high-level technical tutorials, they provide relevant manufacturing content with an educational edge – perfect for some quick learning each week.  

10. Manufacturing Talks

Manufacturing Talks is a podcast dedicated to highlighting the latest products and innovative solutions to reach the manufacturing space. Hosted by manufacturing expert and industry expert Jim Vinoski, Manufacturing Talks brings top leaders and influencers across a variety of manufacturing disciplines to talk about all things manufacturing. In addition to his podcast, Jim is a regular and BIZCATALYST 360 contributor who wants to tell the world the greatest manufacturing stories.

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