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What are the core components of the system?

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  • Matics collects and analyzes vast amounts of data in real-time from multiple sources (including machines, sensors, ERP systems, and people) to help you always stay focused on the most important issues and act immediately based on data-driven insights, rather than gut feelings. 
  • Matics comprehensive production floor management toolbox includes real-time alerts and smart notifications on critical issues and performance discrepancies (compared to your plan or past historical performance) to help you prioritize your actions, send immediate calls-to-action to the team, and fix breakdowns faster.
  • Matics provides vital capabilities to communicate in real-time within the production context, across all machines and processes, paramount to improving quality and efficiency. Our streamlined chat-based system fosters trust and collaboration amongst the whole workforce. Managers can easily see what was communicated, to whom and how quickly, assign responsibilities, track progress, and make adjustments for greater productivity with complete visibility.
  • Matics supports factories of all sizes and provides real-time visibility on multiple factories’ performance with the ability to easily compare between several geographically-distributed sites. By standardizing KPIs across global factories, managers establish universal standards for quality and efficiency and gain a better tool for consistent management of their remote operations. 


Go Paperless. No more knowledge loss with digital tools to capture, transfer, and maintain all your historical production data and expertise in-house. With Matics’ cloud-based apps everything is conveniently stored in one place.

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