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What is the roll out process like?

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Matics solution comes in a hassle-free DIY package that can be deployed within hours for immediately tangible results. The low-touch non-disruptive technology ensures zero production time losses without the intervention of your factory’s internal IT systems.

The implementation process consists of the following steps:

Kickoff Zoom Meeting

  1. Selecting measurement points
  2. Defining hardware configurations for machine connection
  3. Defining KPIs
  4. Hardware shipment by Matics

Building Digital Connection 

  1. PLC connection (by the client)
  2. OPC connection (remotely by Matics)
  3. Digital Twin (remotely by Matics)

Zoom Validation & Training

  1. Validating all measurements (Matics and client)
  2. Going live with real-time data monitoring and analytics
  3. Regular Zoom meetings and trainings

Advanced Training

  1. Implementing Matics in other machines/production lines or sites


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