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Who are the stakeholders?

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Matics solution is designed as a suite of smart connected applications (for web/tablet/mobile phones) tailored to the needs of each stakeholder from management to line workers, planners, technicians, and quality control managers with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Easy to learn and use, these apps provide each user with relevant, real-time information and actionable insights through machine-connected group chats, a task management system, calls-to-action, triggered alerts, and notifications to resolve issues proactively and boost productivity.


Our technology is pervasive throughout the whole factory, serving all employees and facilitating collaboration across different teams. Matics becomes one source of truth for everyone in the organization, instantly providing KPIs, and applying standard measurement across all sites for reliability and data-driven decision-making. 

How Matics supports Production Managers

  • Immediately actionable insights to focus your attention on the most important issues
  • Effective project management: easily assign and prioritize tasks to win each shift
  • Tools for better communication that enhance staff productivity and collaboration

How Matics supports Operators

  • Go paperless, prepare and activate your jobs digitally
  • Enter stop reasons in real-time to maximize machine availability, minimize downtime and improve production time
  • Attend to issues on-the-spot by getting support from the technical personnel immediately

How Matics supports QC Managers

  • Build and implement consistent QC strategy
  • Define, capture, and analyze test results easily and quickly
  • Trigger test notifications based on production quantity, timing, and events
  • Real-time prediction with SPC

How Matics supports Planners

  • Dynamic Gantt to monitor your plan’s execution 24/7 and meet all deadlines
  • Real-time alerts and notifications on performance discrepancies to continuously adjust your plan and minimize shipment delays
  • Track capacity and allocate resources, tools, and auxiliaries efficiently

How Matics supports Technicians

  • Breakdown notifications & smart machine alerts for instant communication with operators 
  • Accurate problem diagnosis with real-time manufacturing analytics for faster repairs
  • Know where to prioritize resources through shop floor tracking in real-time

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