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Innovative technology, such as automated processing and artificial intelligence, is driving the evolution of many industries, including the manufacturing sector.  One of the key ways this is done is through the integration of Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solutions that improve production efficiency and OEE.

What is advanced manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing encompasses a range of areas, including advanced production and advanced business processes. It generally involves computer-controlled equipment or systems, with the technology helping to streamline the manufacturing process in a more efficient, optimized manner.

With advanced manufacturing, companies can realize improvements in quality, quantity, and cost-effectiveness. Advanced manufacturing is implemented throughout the value chain, from the design, manufacture, and handling of a product to business operations, such as supply chain data management and procurement.

Types of advanced manufacturing

  • Robotics and automation – technology enables precision of movement, lifting of heavy objects, and coordination within production lines.
  • Advanced and composite materials – with technology, the chemical and physical properties of materials can be manipulated and combined for particular applications. Materials, including glass, metal, and plastic can be engineered to create high strength alloys, recyclable plastics, and other advanced options.
  • Network and IT integration – the internet provides connectivity across networks, as well as systems and machines. Communication between different networks is crucial for overall process automation, as well as real-time data and notification of any problems, avoiding bottlenecks and downtime due to repairs.
  • Intelligent production – the utilization of information technology across manufacturing,  and logistics systems enable an advanced manufacturing process, with effective monitoring and updated maintenance and repair preparations.
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Benefits of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

With advanced manufacturing, companies are realizing benefits across the entire organization. 

On the production side, advanced manufacturing can lead to significant improvements in quality. With robotics and automation, risks are reduced, and human errors can be avoided. This not only improves product quality, but it can also reduce accidents and errors by employees and enhance productivity. This leads to increased cost efficiency all around.

 Additionally, with the ability to optimize and scale that’s offered by advanced manufacturing, businesses have the opportunity to implement innovative new products and solutions. Customized products can be produced without negatively impacting regular production processes. Quality can improve, and effective resource management can be implemented.

 In particular, with an advanced manufacturing analytics platform, companies can track and analyze data across the production and business areas of the business, in real time. Manufacturing analytics provides management with a comprehensive overview of operations and data, allowing for comprehensive reports and a comprehensive overview of the details of the business. With this data and analytics, employees have the tools and information needed to effectively manage growth and inspire innovation.    


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