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What is a Connected Worker?

A Connected Worker is an employee in a manufacturing or industrial setting who uses digital tools and technologies, like mobile devices and IoT devices, in order to enhance efficiency, safety, and communication in the work setting. These technologies provide real-time data and support, integrating the worker into the digital network of the facility.

Benefits of Connected Worker

  • Improved Safety: Real-time monitoring and data help in preempting workplace accidents.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Workers can access information and instructions on-the-go, reducing downtime.
  • Better Communication: Instant communication between workers and management streamlines operations.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Real-time data collection aids in making informed decisions.

Challenges of Connected Worker

  • Training and Adaptation: Workers need training to adapt to new technologies.
  • Privacy and Security: Handling personal and operational data raises privacy concerns.
  • Technology Integration: Integrating new tools with existing systems can be complex.
  • Cost: Initial investment in technology can be high.
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How Matics Can Help

Matics can provide real-time operational intelligence about the state of a shop-floor as well as alerts key stakeholders in real-time of critical events as they occur. This enables manufacturers to shift from a reactive to proactive approach, improving productivity, connectivity and communication. The Matics RtOI platform also provides key stakeholders with contextual information about events, providing a comprehensive overview of the manufacturing processes. The user-friendly cloud-based SaaS software can be easily accessed by various stakeholders anywhere, and on any device, ensuring they are always connected and in control. 


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