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What is a Cyber Physical System?

Cyber Physical system (CPS) is a new generation of digital systems, composed of computational and physical capability that engages with humans like never before. It’s designed to act like a network of multiple variables with both physical input and output – rather than standalone technology. This type of concept is closely related to sensor networks, such as robotics, that function according to computational intelligence. This ability to interact and communicate, by expanding the capabilities of the physical world through computation, is a major step for future technology. 

Cyber Physical System requires what is referred to as embedded systems – a combination of transdisciplinary approaches, mechatronics, and design. Thus, Cyber Physical Systems represent a complex combination between physical and computational elements, and can be found in a multitude of areas such as manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, transportation, etc. 

Cyber Physical Systems Applications:

The growing use of these smart Cyber Physical Systems aims to heighten the implementation of large-scale systems by optimizing the functionality, autonomy, reliability, safety, and usability of these networks. 


  • Manufacturing – This industry is most commonly associated with Cyber Physical Systems. These systems can be used in the manufacturing industry to optimize processes by automating the whole manufacturing process, creating a single, decentralized platform for entire factories. Automation in manufacturing saves cost of labor and material and cuts back production time.



  • Healthcare and Medical Devices – In this sector, Cyber Physical Systems can be utilized to track the status and physical conditions of patients, remotely and in real-time. Additionally, and importantly, in a non-intrusive manner. Furthermore, Cyber Physical Systems can be used to assist patients with aging in place, meaning applying smart sensors in homes to detect accidents and alert the system immediately. 



  • Agriculture – Within the agriculture industry, Cyber Physical Systems can help eliminate pesticide use by selecting and using the pesticide only when it’s really needed. Not only is this method efficient, but also environmentally friendly. Also, these systems can empower agricultural management to accurately study, collect, and analyze various information about climate, soil, water, etc. 
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Cyber Physical Security Warnings:

Though we can see the application of Cyber Physical Systems already taking place in many industries, it is still considered in its very early stages. Most of these Cyber Physical Control Systems require high performance as well as dependability, security, and safety. This is the reason why Cyber Physical Systems currently face great challenges – specifically privacy and interoperability – as the systems are at risk for attacks. The application of Cyber Physical System must be scaled and completed with caution for the time being.

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