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With an increase of data that many manufacturing facilities are collecting and tracking every day, manufacturing management reports are playing an increasingly important role in the effective management of manufacturing companies.

What is a production report?

A production report provides managers and employees with clear, detailed information about a manufacturing company’s production data. This allows business decisions to be based on facts, including detailed information on products, production rates, and efficiency.  Manufacturing performance reporting can cover inventory control, scheduling and planning, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Detailed manufacturing process reports can be used to make smarter business decisions, impacting overall efficiency and helping to identify potential challenges or issues before they become a problem.

With advanced reproduction reporting software, manufacturers can gain this information in real time, for optimal efficiency.

What are the benefits of production reports?

A detailed manufacturing process report can provide a range of benefits. As mentioned above, many manufacturing companies are experiencing a significant increase in the amount of data they are generating every day. One of the main benefits of productions reports is to present complex information in a clear way. Not only does this help with the quantity of data, but it can also help managers gain a better understanding of the quality of their data, so they can make any changes necessary.

 Another benefit is providing a complete overview of the production process. With real-time reporting capabilities, managers are able to see exactly what’s going on any part of the production floor, at any time. This provides a clear overview of the production efficiency and any bottlenecks.

Manufacturing efficiency reporting also provides managers with a clear view on whether their team is meeting their production goals. Managers can decide what KPIs to include in the reports, such as yield, equipment availability, performance, etc. so they have all efficiency information in one place. Other reports can provide information on production plans, batch/volume targets, status history, and other production details. 

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Business Impacts

Comprehensive, detailed production reports can play a critical role in manufacturing production optimization. When a company is able to create customized reports, according to its sector and unique business needs, it can achieve greater performance – at the best possible price. This is a crucial step in optimizing efficiency, across the business.  


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