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What is Preventive Maintenance? 

Preventive Maintenance is a proactive type of maintenance that is performed daily to reduce the odds of downtime and machine failure. This type of maintenance includes lubrication, simple repairs, cleaning and replacing defective parts. It’s conducted while the equipment remains running to avoid any unexpected breakdowns. 

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

  1. Heightened Productivity – Organizations can really suffer depending on the maintenance strategies. Preventive Maintenance solutions enable production and operational managers to digitally monitor and assign work orders, at any time and anywhere. 
  2. Equipment Longevity – Preventive Maintenance ensures all machines and equipment are running accordingly and performing the tasks as they should. When they’re outdated, the parts are immediately updated which decreases the odds of purchasing new equipment. 
  3. Enhanced Safety – Organizations that adopt Preventive Maintenance strategies are less likely to run into dangerous situations such as health hazards and equipment failure. 
  4. Reduced Energy Consumption – Machines and equipment that are handled by poor maintenance consume more energy. Preventive maintenance enables energy consumption errors to be quickly attended to, lowering the overall costs of spend. 
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Preventive vs Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance (PdM) is a cultivated version of Preventive Maintenance that aims to reduce the number of planned tasks. Both Predictive and Preventive Maintenance software aimed at reducing the amount of machine failures and downtime in production. However, Preventive Maintenance activities are a regularly scheduled procedure while Predictive Maintenance is only scheduled according to equipment conditions – or scheduled as needed. 


Predictive Maintenance, unlike Preventive Maintenance, saves time and money as it reduces labor and material cost because it’s only scheduled to perform when it’s needed. 

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