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What is Shop Floor Control?

Shop Floor Control, the heart of manufacturing’s production process, is a system that can collect, track, and analyze relevant data on a regular basis. This method can be completed in a single factory for small businesses, or in several facilities owned by large businesses at once. Retrieving this data from multiple locations allows operators to track KPIs from anywhere,  instilling a clear view of every factor that affects the total operation as a whole, such as cycle time, materials used, equipment failure, and more. It essentially forms the foundation and guide for manufacturers to optimize their processes and improve their businesses.

How Is This Data Used?

Shop Floor Control Softwares derive data that is used to calculate production based on a percentage of completion for each current and future order.  Shop Floor Analytics are extremely useful tools that can be used for a complete optimization of the factory floor, especially if supplied with a Real-Time Shop Floor Analytics Software. Data that is delivered to the operators as it occurs, in real-time, greatly reduces errors, assists with adjusting defects as early as possible, and increases employee productivity in the factory. With such access to vast amounts of information, managers and operators can elevate their team procedures and exceed their targeted goals, thereby, improving overall plant productivity. 

Shop Floor Control can be used to improve and control many elements of the factory operation. Here are just a few to list: 

  • All aspects related to inventory 
  • Scheduling of employees, operations, raw materials, and equipment
  • Material availability and withdrawals
  • Quality control
  • Order confirmations 
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What is Shop Floor Management?

Proper Shop Floor Management plays a key role in developing and implementing an effective Shop Floor Control Software. Management is the team that creates and leads the exact procedures that the software plays out. They are the ones that direct the Shop Floor Software on which tasks to complete, when to complete them, and how to complete them. This job clearly requires accurate delegating of all relevant factors that are involved in the overall production, including governing all data related to Shop Floor Tracking, such as smart dashboards and real-time alerts. Shop Floor Software is only as strong as its handlers.  Poor management of Shop Floor Control leads to minimal results and improper usage of the software. Great management, on the other hand, can pave the way for top-notch shop floor efficiency.

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