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Today, many manufacturers are automating their manufacturing data collection. It no longer makes sense to capture, track, and report data manually – it takes a tremendous amount of time, resources, and labor. And with the increase in smart manufacturing and automation, it’s simply not possible for manufacturers to manage their operations and business data effectively without the help of production data collection software.   

What is the value of shop floor data collection?

With the real-time collection of manufacturing data, conducted automatically, companies are able to gain increased visibility into their entire production process. This helps plant managers see where their teams and operators need support, and it provides detailed information about the shop floor, including data on machine status, parts counts, and other key metrics. 

In general, shop floor tracking and shop floor data capture can improve efficiency, help avoid downtime, and contribute to production optimization. This has a direct impact on improving overall business performance.

Avoiding errors and improving analytics

With automatic factory floor data collection, manufacturers gain the benefit of accurate data for reporting, according to set topics – employees, job, department, production line, etc. Whether you are tracking time and attendance or inventory and downtime, having accurate, up-to-date data is key for making smart business decisions. By collecting data, managers are better able to understand and evaluate the entire production process, and therefore make smarter decisions about optimization.

With many potential sources of data, automatic data collection also contributes to integrated, smart manufacturing. Advanced shop floor control software enables companies to access, collect, and analyze relevant data in a sophisticated way that is ongoing. When software constantly collects data, human error is minimized and advanced analytics is possible. Not only is historical data collected and stored, but current data is processed for immediate efficiency improvements. In addition, sophisticated software has the possibility to contribute to future planning decisions.

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Business Benefits

Shop floor data collection is a key component to optimizing shop floor management. With the assistance of software, managers are able to keep track of all elements of the production process, for improved tracking and optimized management decisions.

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