Product Overview

Agile Cloud-Based Solutions for the Digital Factory

To stay competitive in today’s industrial business environment, manufacturers need to bridge the digital gap with the industry majors and operate at the highest global standards. The next-generation cloud-based Matics solution provides a real-time window into your manufacturing environment for instant control and visibility over your operation. Matics allows factories to achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence, improve corporate transparency, and encourage an information-based decision-making culture.

The Leading RtOI Solution

Compliant with Manufacturing Operating Management (MOM) procedures, Matics is a unified solution that covers the full spectrum of production management, performance analysis, quality control, and inventory tracking, on a cloud-based platform. The system collects, visualizes, processes and analyzes data from the manufacturing floor in real time. Reports and call-to-action alerts help improve operational efficiency and cost effectiveness. Smooth interoperability with ERPs and other information systems ensures a comprehensive view of the factory’s operations.

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Fast and Non-disruptive Deployment

Plug & Play deployment is fast, modular and non-disruptive. The platform is configurable and expandable, designed to meet each factory’s requirements and adaptable to the changes that occur in modern production environments. A clear and customizable modern interface enables each factory to tailor the system to reflect its unique operating environment.

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Secure Data Transfer Technology

As the use of cloud-based RTOI / MES systems grows, so do concerns about data security and transfer speed. In response, Matics provides a secure, independent and stable wireless network that operates separately from the factory. Manufacturing data is encrypted for transfer from the shop- floor to the router to the cloud using Matic's proprietary technology.

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Active Participation By All

Matics solutions include Web-based application and apps for mobile phones, tablets, and wearable devices. Each is designed to optimize the tasks assigned to managers, engineers, and shop-floor operators. Easy to learn and use, these apps provide each user with relevant, real-time information and calls-to-action, making every worker an active participant in the operation.

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Collaboration and Coordination

Full visibility and real-time data collection and reporting throughout the manufacturing process. Support an information-based decision-making culture that enables workers, engineers and managers to make fast, effective operational and business decisions.  Each factory has the freedom to create its own visual and textual language, in accordance with its corporate culture and communication processes.

A Word From Our Customers

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Age and Size Are Not Factors

The system supports factories of all sizes, from small workshops to global operations with multiple, geographically-distributed sites. It connects all machines on the production floor, from the most modern digital equipment to traditional analog machines and manual, labor-intensive production processes.

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Energy and Material Cost Savings

Instant notification of energy deviations allows predictive machine maintenance and optimizes energy consumption. Easy integration with dosing systems enables precise, computerized control over material consumption, minimizing waste. Together, they help to enhance both productivity and sustainability.

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Flexible, Innovative, Performance-based Licensing

A flexible licensing scheme enables affordable and cost-effective ownership, scalable per machine and machine type actually in use at any given time. The actual license fee is based on each machine’s daily utilization. You pay less when production is down, and more when it is up. There is no required payment for idle machines.

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