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Manufacturing Planning with Matics’ Gantt: How to Gain Optimal Control and Transparency

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Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is a planning system used by manufacturers to effectively manage inventory and schedule production accordingly at best cost possible. To run this process, manufacturers must input various parameters to the MRP system, such as inventory, demand, staff, and production schedule. And with these inputs, the system calculates what job should be run on which machine and in which order. 

While MRP systems allow planners to schedule production, they run on a static model and are not connected to a machine in real-time. Thus, to ensure that the execution of the job is accurate and according to plan, manufacturing planners would benefit from adopting Matics’ dynamic Gantt – a complementary solution that enables real-time monitoring and adjustments to production through machine connectivity. 

Gantt enables you to monitor and visualize the execution of what was originally planned. It creates a transparent view of manufacturing’s planning and improves scheduling with automated notifications and smart, data-driven recommendations, while taking into account various constraints from materials to auxiliaries, tools and robots. By complementing an MRP system with Matics’ Gantt, enterprises can ensure real-time connectivity, visibility, and dynamic adjustments in their production process. 

Let’s say, for example, a factory is planning and coordinating manufacturing jobs on paper, or tracking planned jobs using an excel. This requires a constant eye on the execution of manufacturing in case of discrepancies. Constraints always occur and planners must keep control of the production journey. In the case of production delays, planners need to observe pending jobs and adjust according to the various conditions. And this task is no easy feat. 

Enterprises that choose to adopt Matics can reap many benefits of automation: scheduling, organizing, and preparing jobs accordingly. They no longer have to put in the endless hours and create multiple excel sheets to prepare manufacturing jobs. 


The Power of Real-Time Visibility

Matics’ Gantt elevates traditional-based manufacturing planning that requires daily calculations and variables – like customer requested date, time of planned production, number of units, etc – and transforms it to a smart digital scheduler. Gantt operates by directly connecting to the machines, ensuring real-time connectivity throughout production and planning.

There are situations in which delays in production occur that require future planned jobs to be adjusted and set up processes to be re-evaluated. But without real-time visibility and connectivity, moving different jobs with various setup processes may cause gaps and downtime in production. It may not be enough to delay or postpone the next job, as it may interfere with other scheduling. Or in instances in which materials need to be altered, there needs to be clear visibility of all resources available in the moment. This is why adjustment is constantly required depending on the specific constraint, which can occur at any point. 

The power of visibility comes as a result of Matics’ Gantt real-time connectivity to machines and monitoring the execution of active jobs. By monitoring progress in real-time, manufacturers can see and identify issues as they occur and provide a complete overview of all possible constraints, discrepancies, and performance. Such cases may be a breakdown in a machine, or lack of skilled personnel during a shift. 

Matics’ Gantt recognizes these issues and alerts the team in real-time, so action can be taken immediately – machines that need fixing can be attended to and scheduling of personnel per shift can be adjusted.  With refined visibility, businesses can keep a real-time eye on the overall feasibility of operations.

Gantt enables multiple enhanced views of scheduling and planning jobs. With full visibility of the complete calendar (by days or months) and constant reality check of planned vs. actual outcome, planners can derive smart, actionable insights that allow them to reschedule jobs effectively. Rather than viewing and monitoring jobs outside of the real production environment, Gantt provides data based on actual real-time performance


Translating Visibility Into Proactive Dynamic Planning

Taking a look at another example – let’s say a job is supposed to take 2 hours, but it’s already taking over 3 hours to complete. Matics knows to defer all the pending jobs by the exact time that’s needed to complete the current job. The system will also recommend where to move the next jobs, taking into consideration all the relevant constraints, so you can make adjustments to the plan on the spot. 

Matics’ Gantt also allows users to play around with different scenarios and analyze the impact of changes before releasing them to the operators. If needed, you can easily split jobs and move them around to different machines.

Instead of basing estimates on static data, Gantt generates data-driven decisions that are aimed at optimal results, and helps proactively respond in real-time to effectively manage delays, gaps and lack of resources when issues arise. The proactive approach generated by Gantt creates a visually-enhanced perspective on production planning that can help minimize shipment delays, ensure order delivery dates, and create recommendations based on history of performance. 

Another vital function is the possibility to manage utilization of all the different tools and auxiliaries by moving them between machines, tracking in which hours they were used, and knowing with precision when the needed tool becomes available.

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In short, although various forms of these technologies have existed for several years, they have often been difficult to learn and use. Matics’ Gantt transforms the manufacturing planning experience by enriching users with complete control of the scheduling process. 

Beyond alerting of issues and problems in manufacturing planning and execution, Gantt’s sophisticated insights allow every manufacturing planner to act in real-time. Contact us today to learn more about Gantt and how it can help manage your production planning and optimize your results.