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Digital manufacturing allows companies to leverage advanced software and digital technologies to improve their operations. With the digital transformation in manufacturing, companies are able to manage their entire production process through a network that is fully connected and integrated, leading to increased efficiency and optimization, as well as improved business value.

What is Digital Manufacturing?

Digital manufacturing is used across industries and refers to the application of computer software systems to the manufacturing process. Digital manufacturing can encompass the full spectrum of manufacturing, from supply chain to the design and production process, as well as final products. It enables an integrated approach to manufacturing and has led to an increase in production output.

The components of digital manufacturing are wide ranging and can include real-time asset tracking, optimization of workstations, temperature monitoring, smart conveyance to ensure continuous material flow, and predictive efficiency. These capabilities help to avoid costly bottlenecks, eliminate backups, and support fast prototyping. Digital manufacturing software allows industrial companies across sectors to meet changing customer needs and adjust production to fulfill order changes.

Digital manufacturing enables information and data related to resources, products, and processing to be viewed and tracked in real time. Furthermore, lifetime data is available for analysis and resource optimization, helping manufacturers to operate faster and more efficiently, with less downtime.

Benefits of Intelligent Manufacturing

The impact of digitalization on manufacturing has been great. Some factories have realized over 1,000% in productivity improvement through increased digitalization, allowing them to significantly increase the number and types of products they manufacture, with quicker delivery times.

Intelligent digital manufacturing can deliver significant advantages to the design phase of the manufacturing process. For example, digital technology can be deployed to make quick changes to the product design, while evaluating their effectiveness. In addition, modelling software can be used to design tools and machinery, as well as design the optimal production flow.

The increased efficiency gained in a digital factory allows for synchronized processes across different departments, while reducing the potential for error through an automated exchange of data. These capabilities lead to quicker turnaround times across the entire factory floor and value, which leads to reduced costs.

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Driving the Business Value

With the advanced capabilities of digital manufacturing and the real-time manufacturing visibility it provides, there is greater opportunity for improved insights to drive critical business decisions. From manufacturing engineers to floor shop managers to the business owners, intelligent manufacturing enables smart decision making. Through providing an advanced, integrative overview of the entire manufacturing process in real-time, digital manufacturing is driving the manufacturing of the future. 

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