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RtOI (Real-time Operational Intelligence)

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What is RtOI? 

Real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) is an up and coming industrial discipline that empowers businesses to intelligently transform mass amounts of data into real-time actionable insights that is accessible at all times. 

But how does it work? RtOI collects all of the existing systems that manage the data in a company, such as MES, Lab, and other servers, and compartmentalizes the information so it’s easily readable and insightful to the users, thereby, creating a real-time production efficiency strategy in the business. 

What are the applications of RtOI? 

The difficulty in the manufacturing industry isn’t the amount of data that is available, it’s the ability to filter out the noise to detect and study the data you need. RtOI has the power to turn immense amounts of raw data and deliver worthy knowledge at the right place and at the right time. 

  1. Manufacturing Managers – With the application of RtOI, manufacturing managers can now track production remotely and in real-time, increasing visibility of the shop floor. This also allows managers to be aware at any point in which production falls behind its schedule and shows them what exactly they need to focus on to improve efforts. 
  2. Manufacturing Operators – By utilizing RtOI, operators gain a new perspective of secure real-time operating solutions. In the case of unexpected events, an operator can instantly send notifications and provide the technicians all of the relevant data in real time. And by leveraging a real time dashboard, an operator can monitor production process and track KPI targets 24 hours a day. 
  3. Manufacturing Technicians – RtOI enables manufacturing technicians to quickly respond to real-time alerts and notifications and immediately take action from their devices. Furthermore, Technicians can monitor action, and share the information with their team securely. 
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The Benefits:

  • Heightened Customer Experience – A real-time operational intelligence solution eliminates what is typically hours of sifting through client’s data to find a solution and/or answer. And, even with all the time spent, manually searching through vast amounts of data for a specific transaction isn’t always successful. RtOI has the ability to monitor every point of data, and every transaction, at any time, allowing businesses to seek answers to their clients quickly and effectively. 


  • Time Savings – The time spent typically searching through lost transactions, which now can be handled by an RtOI solution, provides businesses with free time to focus on other aspects of advancing their business strategy. 


  • Accountability & Assurance – A successful RtOI solution provides businesses with an exact trace of all jobs that are processed within the system at any given time on any device. This perspective of real-time production data enables businesses to stay on top of all transactions and deals and assures them they are handled on time.

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