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Remote Factory Management: 100% Visibility & Control

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Production floor management is a complex process, of which the efficiency depends on the availability and accuracy of data, and the possibility to quickly react to unplanned events based on it. In most cases real-time data available for factory managers is scarce which limits their ability to effectively manage the shop floor remotely. This situation is even more prominent in cases of large complex sites and/or multiple production sites spread out geographically. During the pandemic’s peak but also in its aftermath (social distancing and limited access to facilities might remain part of our daily reality for quite some time), companies continue to struggle and lack tools to tackle many significant challenges they are facing.

Matics real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) solution empowers manufacturing managers to continuously achieve significant  operational improvements due to robust remote management capabilities, allowing to:

  • Seamlessly operate the production floor remotely, relying on shop floor staff and personnel only when needed 
  • Be up-to-date on shop floor status 24/7, from anywhere and anytime, and take informed, data-based decisions
  • Increase productivity by streamlining communication and collaboration
  • Recover fast from production downtime
  • Reduce cost and time wasted on unnecessary travel while easily managing multiple production lines and/or sites 

The Production Floor Challenge

When you’re offsite, wherever that might be, you need to know precisely what’s going on in order to make the best operational decisions that positively impact the bottom line. And even if you’re routinely on the factory floor, you still need to find out exactly what’s happening when it’s happening, assign tasks, and maintain effective communications with the plant team.

How Real-Time Data Visibility Remotely Empowers Manufacturers

Viewing All Production Data in One Place, Wherever You Are

What is not measured, cannot be managed. What is not managed, cannot be improved. Matics, one of the industry 4.0 leading solutions, has established a revolutionary, remote way to operate a factory. As a cloud-based platform built to continuously monitor all manufacturing assets, Matics enables a highly collaborative environment giving managers complete real-time visibility to machines, people and production status. This means monitoring your planned vs. actual production rates, and meeting your delivery dates with precision. This means removing silos in the organization and streamlining all production processes by dramatically improving collaboration between teams. 

As a manufacturing manager or member of the production team, you can log in from anyplace to check how your machines are performing, which is even better than if you were physically standing next to that machine! Ultimately you can view live OEE losses and other real-time KPIs on any machine, production line, or site anytime and anywhere. 

Monitoring your KPIs anywhere anytime, means being able to respond and take real-time data-based, informed decisions to mitigate performance issues before they occur.

Here are just a few examples of important metrics that Matics real-time monitoring system tracks, enabling opportunities for production processes’ improvement:

  • Real-time OEE (uptime, performance, quality index)
  • Unplanned downtimes with reasons
  • Actual cleaning (CIP) and setup times vs. target
  • Temperature control
  • Energy consumption
  • Delivery times

Matics provides us with the ability to successfully analyze data more accurately. The more accurate we are, the more accurate our solutions are – we no longer work with our gut feelings – but from real-time data.” 

– Eran Appel, CEO of Magic Polo Plast

Using a cloud-based digital performance management platform, with multi-level reporting allowing for root cause investigation, Matics’ solution provides visibility to machine up- and downtimes, material used and lost, adherence to production schedule, estimation of production time left for batch/plan completion, and many other meaningful statistics and insights. 

By implementing Matics, you can grant your team access to the needed data and call personnel only when really needed. Safety and health concerns don’t have to limit your reach to experts or technicians. 

But even in good times, when no hazards are present, you can easily avoid the need to keep extra personnel like technicians on the shop floor just “in case of…” Matics allows you to optimize the way you make use of your employees and their time, and everyone can be notified on the spot, even if they are not physically there.

Seamless Collaboration: Empowering All Teams to Optimize Production

Matics is tailored to meet the needs of all levels and functions in your site by including modules customized for Operators, QC Managers, Planners and Technicians.

All teams have a critical need for data flow from their production lines in order to observe discrepancies and respond in real time with the appropriate mitigating actions. 

Through such features as machine centric WhatsApp-like chats, instant notifications, alerts and call-to-action buttons, Matics streamlines cross-group workflows and promotes effective cross-functional collaboration. Each team member is able to track progress, send instant comments and relevant updates. The platform also empowers your staff with 24/7 access to experts, to guide and support less experienced employees and help solve hurdles in real time, from a distance. 

Thus a planner can react remotely and in real time to the changes in demand or production schedule. A QC manager gains vital insights without leaving the lab, and a technician receives an instant request to come to the site for maintenance only when it’s needed. Even an operator has full visibility whether he is at the line or remote. 

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Robust Task Management for Ultimate Agility of Your Manufacturing Operations

Being a real-time operational intelligence platform (RtOI), Matics further enhances your remote factory management capabilities through must-have features such as task management and instant notifications. As a manager who’s planning, measuring, and acting, you get a tool to do it all much more efficiently. You want to make sure you won’t miss anything important and can immediately connect to the relevant people and delegate the tasks. Matics will send you smart alerts on critical issues in real time, wherever you are. This way you can easily manage your team’s tasks and focus your staff on the most important issues. Additionally, Matics lets you follow up on action items – not just monitoring what’s going on, but transforming an issue into a set of actions and then following up to ensure full execution. 

Lastly, Matics cloud-based infrastructure means having the most robust knowledge capturing system in place. Forget about the old-fashioned ways – paperwork, manual data entry and time-consuming data generation. Manual collection, storage and reporting means never having the full story and relying on data prone to mistakes and inaccuracies. With Matics, you can digitally save all activities and communications, and retrieve the needed information in the blink of an eye. 

To sum up, Matics solution allows manufacturing managers to manage their factory continuously in real time, communicate with staff and investigate issue root causes to a level previously unimaginable. And in times of crisis, be it COVID-19 or any other potential hazard, Matics helps reduce the risk of product/people contamination by minimizing access to the shop floor while maintaining 24/7 control over your manufacturing operations.

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