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Is Matics an MES system?

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Matics is much more than just another MES/MOM platform. While some smart MES systems can provide certain benefits similar to Matics, the more accurate way to describe Matics is a real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) system. 

Real-time operational intelligence is an up and coming Industry 4.0 discipline that empowers businesses to intelligently transform mass amounts of data into real-time actionable insights that are accessible at all times. RtOI collects all of the existing systems that manage the data in a company, and compartmentalizes the information so it’s easily readable and insightful to the users, thereby, creating a real-time production efficiency strategy in the business. 

We recognize that the main difficulty in the manufacturing industry isn’t the amount of data that is available, it’s the ability to filter out the noise to detect and study the data you need. Matics RtOI solution has the power to turn immense amounts of raw data and deliver worthy knowledge at the right place and at the right time.

From planning & scheduling, through all production stages and work procedures, we provide a comprehensive production management solution. We enable you to optimize production efficiency and digitally streamline every part of your manufacturing process using secure connectivity, deep data analytics and advanced computing.

The main differentiators of Matics compared to traditional MES systems are:

  • Real-time machine/data monitoring
  • Real-time analytics to take action during the shift, when it still matters
  • Automatic identification of stop events
  • Machine-based chat systems for effective communication around the shop floor
  • Real-time alerts & SMART notifications 
  • Robust task management system: assign tasks and follow up on their completion


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