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Intelligent Manufacturing System (IMS)

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Intelligent manufacturing systems are able to achieve optimized utilization of manufacturing resources to increase a company’s business value. An intelligent production system integrates employees, machines, and processes at a manufacturing facility to achieve the best possible production results, while minimizing waste.

Unlike traditional manufacturing that relies only on employees to manage, run, and program a facility’s machines and operations, intelligent manufacturing enables improved processes through the use of intelligent technology and software that collects and analyzes comprehensive information in a facility. As a result, intelligent production systems can help factory managers learn valuable insights from past production data, understand complexities across the entire manufacturing floor, and automatically forecast production outcomes.

With intelligent automation in manufacturing, the guesswork and human error is removed from the equation of running a manufacturing facility. Instead, smart manufacturing is able to implement advanced technology solutions through intelligent manufacturing software.  

Benefits of IMS

With an intelligent production system in place, managers and business owners are able to predict and respond to events on the manufacturing floor, instead of playing ‘catch up’ after the fact. This helps improve efficiency, reduce waste, and minimize downtime for both employees and machines. It can also contribute to optimization of the supply chain and inventory, improving logistics and efficiency across the entire production process.  

One of the key benefits of a digital factory, in which all components are accessible and transparent, is the ability to automate production and predict product failures, which can help avoid significant bottlenecks and expensive downtime.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is also made easier with an intelligent production system, as the system can process and analyze data in real time, for rapid responses to changes or process anomalies. Better comprehensive data tracking allows companies to improve their analytics to better understand markets, forecast demand, and monitor suppliers.

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Product Quality

Product quality is another benefit of intelligent manufacturing systems, which can contribute to improved standardization and compliance with regulations. In addition, being able to demonstrate to regulators and customers that the entire manufacturing process is tracked and monitored through advanced software, plus having the ability to do so automatically and with regular reporting, can enhance the production process and increase the business value of a production line.      

In today’s competitive global marketplace, an intelligent manufacturing system can improve efficiency and performance across the value chain. From resource modeling and optimization to factory monitoring and equipment efficiency, the benefits are clear for improved business value. 

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