Matics and Belago Technologies Partner to Accelerate Industry 4.0 Adoption and Manufacturing Digitalization in Brazil | Matics

Matics and Belago Technologies Partner to Accelerate Industry 4.0 Adoption and Manufacturing Digitalization in Brazil

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October 2022 – Matics LTD, creator of Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) manufacturing optimization solution, recently partnered with Brazil-based integration and consulting firm Belago Technologies to accelerate the adoption of next-generation technologies within the local manufacturing sector. 

Industry 4.0 adoption has led many manufacturers to realize that they need digitalization solutions in order to adopt best practices and enhance their operations. Today, manufacturers must have a clear understanding of everything going on in their shop-floor, immediately know when critical events take place, and have the power to manage tasks and automate processes remotely. This led many manufacturers to seek technological solutions to facilitate their adoption of such solutions. 

To ensure integration is smooth and does not disrupt existing operations, many rely on technology integrators that understand the complexity of the manufacturing ecosystem. Belago Technologies is a leading technology integrator providing manufacturing plants with comprehensive support as they implement advanced technologies and adopt industry 4.0 best practices. 

Matics and Belago Technologies will provide manufacturers looking to digitalize their plant with a seamlessly integrated non-disruptive Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution that will provide them with an accurate overview of the plant at any point, decision ready-insight, and powerful work management tools to automate processes and reduce response latency.  In doing so, manufacturers will be able to optimize productivity and efficiency and increase profitability. Joint Belago Technologies and Matics customers will enjoy the Matics digitalization, optimization, and automation solution while leveraging the service, experience and expertise of Belago Technologies. 

“We believe that partnerships like this are what will propel the manufacturing industry forward, and drive rapid adoption of industry 4.0 best practices, and are proud to welcome Belago Tech to the Matics Partner network. We are confident that joint customers will see positive results on their shop-floor within weeks.” – David Hayat, COO of Matics. 

“In an economic environment ever more challenging, the search for efficiency in manufacturing is a constant. Plant operation managers need to find ways to improve the process but too many of them have seen poor results after massive investments in complex information systems and automation equipment.  The possibility of testing the system in a few machines and escalating after confirmation of the benefits, minimum initial investment, and results obtained after just a few days of the go-live make Matics’ solution the answer for those managers. We are enthusiastic about the potential in Brazil for this partnership!” – Nimrod Riftin, CEO of Belago Technologies.


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