Matics and Smart Lean Mfg Are Bringing the Latest in Industry 4.0 Technology to Canadian Manufacturers in New Partnership | Matics

Matics and Smart Lean Mfg Are Bringing the Latest in Industry 4.0 Technology to Canadian Manufacturers in New Partnership

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Matics LTD, a global leader in Real-time Operational Intelligence and Industry 4.0 technology, has partnered with Smart Lean Mfg, a Canadian-based OPEX consulting firm, to provide Canadian manufacturers with the resources they need to achieve the latest smart manufacturing techniques.

The need for sustainable smart manufacturing practices has never been more apparent. The need to meet new regulatory requirements and the challenges of grappling with supply chain and labor shortages leave manufacturers in Canada in need of new solutions.

Together, Matics LTD and Smart Lean Mfg will make that possible. Smart Lean Mfg aids organizations in the implementation of lean methodologies, process improvements, and smart manufacturing techniques. Now, their services are supported by Matics Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI), enabling those organizations to leverage real-time data and a wide range of Industry 4.0 technologies.

This partnership opens the door to improved operations for Canadian manufacturers at any scale. Smart Lean Mfg provides hands-on OPEX consulting for organizations that may not have the resources for a full-time OPEX expert. With support from Matics, these manufacturers are further empowered to make the most of existing resources by improving performance, availability, and efficiency.

David Hayat, Chief Operating Officer of Matics, emphasizes the significant value and impact of this partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with Smart Lean Mfg and Paterson Consulting to propel the Industry 4.0 revolution forward in Canada. This strategic collaboration brings together a unique combination of expertise, experience, and innovative solutions that will empower businesses to achieve operational excellence and sustainable growth.”

The implementation of Matics RtOI will enable Canadian manufacturers to take the next steps in their digitalization journey. Real-time data aggregation and analysis, work management tools, and predictive analysis provide manufacturers with the practical foundation they need to implement lean manufacturing processes effectively.

With support from Matics and Smart Lean Mfg, Canadian manufacturers stand to achieve more sustainable and efficient operations. They’ll have access to the data and tools they need to remain agile in the face of any challenges and continuously improve processes to boost productivity and reduce waste.

Matics COO David Hayat highlights the unique opportunities that will come from working with Smart Lean Mfg due to their remarkable experience and industry knowledge. “Smart Lean Mfg has established a solid reputation for their deep understanding of Lean methodologies and process improvements. Their hands-on OEE consulting services have consistently delivered tangible value to customers, driving manufacturing efficiency and fostering continuous improvement. We have trust in their capacity to create significant value for our customers, and we are excited to have them as a partner in our journey.”

Eli Latak of Smart Lean MFG founder added, “Smart Lean Mfg and Paterson Consulting have joined forces with Matics, a leading industry consortium in real-time data, to transform the way people work in factories and drive the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies in Canada.”

Wesley Paterson, CMC, President of Paterson Consulting Inc. stated that “Through our Joint Venture with Smart Lean Mfg we utilize MATICS RtOI (Real-time Operational Intelligence) as a change agent to enhance organizational process improvement and workforce development. Enhancing an Organization’s Culture allows for growth in both its revenue, and in the development of its people. This results in improved employee retention, lower attrition, and an increase in morale, productivity & job satisfaction. A win for the company, the employee, and most importantly, the customer.”


About Smart Lean Mfg

Smart Lean Mfg is a Canadian-based consulting firm that enables organizations of all kinds to implement smart lean manufacturing processes. They put operational excellence within the grasp of manufacturers at any scale, providing access to Industry 4.0 technology and seasoned insights and consulting across many sectors.


About Smart Lean Paterson Consulting

Paterson Consulting Inc. has high level expertise in the areas of Business Strategy, Organizational Learning and Development, Performance Management, Change Management, and Enhancing Organizational Culture and Wellness.

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