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Matics and Mikan Partner to Advance Digital Transformation for U.S Manufacturers

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April 2022 – Matics LTD, a global market leader in Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) and manufacturing optimization solutions partnered with Chicago-based data, analytics and AI consulting firm, Mikan, to accelerate the adoption of next-generation technologies in the U.S manufacturing industry.

The use of cloud-based next-generation technologies has rapidly evolved over the past decade, with many industries shifting to next-generation or hybrid solutions long ago. The manufacturing and distribution industry is catching up to global trends with the rise of industry 4.0 and digitalization solutions. As manufacturers continue to adapt their shop-floors and optimize operations, Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solutions are increasingly relied on to maximize productivity, efficiency, and profitability. 

Matics and Mikan aim to provide manufacturers looking for next-generation shop-floor technology with a non-disruptive, seamlessly integrated solution that instantly enhances visibility and communication, enables remote and automated task management, improves operational efficiency and productivity, and leverages shop-floor data into decision-ready insight. Joint customers will be able to benefit from the cutting-edge Matics Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solution and the experience and comprehensive data and optimization consulting provided by Mikan.

Matics was designed to simplify industry 4.0 best practice adoption by instantly digitizing entire shop-floors with a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution. The Matics RtOI solution continuously aggregates real-time data from existing shop-floor machines, sensors, and information systems, providing key stakeholders with valuable time-critical insight into the state of their shop-floor, as well as the power to remotely react to events as necessary. By shortening the time it takes to identify, analyze and react to events, Matics is able to rapidly enhance operational efficiency and productivity, resulting in a connected and digital shop-floor.

“Our goal is to make it easier for manufacturers to understand what is going on in their shop-floor and enable key stakeholders to take action based on real-time information, ensuring every shift is a win,” said Matics COO, David Hayat.  “We are proud to partner with Mikan and are confident that the Mikan service level and commitment to ‘Fastest Time to Value’ will enable mutual customers to see maximum benefit in minimal time.”  

“Our commitment to building long-term relationships to guarantee fastest speed to value is strengthened by the strategic partnerships that we foster with technology and solution providers in our space. These partnerships empower us to help our clients answer the million-dollar question: “What story is your data telling you, your customers, your partners, and your employees?”, says Mikan Chief Innovation Officer, Michael Odongo

We’re very excited about Matics-Mikan partnership particularly because it will enable us to empower our Manufacturing clients to draw a rich & true business story from all elements of their manufacturing floor”, Michael adds.



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Mikan team boasts deep domain expertise in Financial Services, Healthcare, Non-profit, Associations, Higher Education, Manufacturing & Distribution industries. 

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