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Delta Engineering, Partners with Matics to Accelerate Digitalization in Manufacturing


February 2022 – Matics LTD, a market leader in Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) and manufacturing optimization solutions partnered with Delta Engineering, a manufacturer of downstream equipment for blow molding, to accelerate the digitalization of shop floors and enable blow molding manufacturers to implement industry 4.0 best practices, enhance operational efficiency, and increase profitability. 

As the blow molding manufacturing industry shifts towards digitalization, the need for a solution that provides technological innovation has become more critical than ever. Thanks to the partnership between Matics and Delta Engineering, blow molding manufacturers using Delta Engineering machines will be able to enjoy a seamlessly integrated real-time digitalization solution that will make their shop floor more agile, scalable, and adaptable to the dynamic changes of the global ecosystem.

Delta Engineering specializes in downstream equipment for blow molding manufacturers through 3 worldwide locations.  Delta Engineering is committed to improving efficiency and quality for manufacturers in the blow molding industry,

The Matics RtOI platform was designed to enhance manufacturing processes by instantly digitalizing production shop floors in real-time and continuously aggregating high-resolution multi-source data from all existing software solutions and analyzing it within the manufacturing production framework. Contextual analysis of data provides key stakeholders with decision-ready insights that can be transformed into actions using the Matics platform. 

The Matics and Delta Engineering partnership is part of Matics’s Partner Program which aims to build a strong network of service providers that work with manufacturers and want to help transform the manufacturing industry.  Matics and Delta Engineering will join forces alongside six leading manufacturers in the blow molding industry to embark on a global roadshow throughout 2022, visiting South Africa, Dubai, Tel Aviv, North America, and more. 

By bringing together the powerful Matics digitalization solution and Delta Engineering’s high-quality product line, joint customers will be able to create high-quality products and goods while getting real-time and remote insight into the state of work orders, raw material management, and more. 

David Hayat, Matics COO, said: “We believe that partnerships within the manufacturing industry are what will propel the entire ecosystem forward and accelerate the adoption of industry 4.0 best practices. We are excited to welcome Delta Engineering to our partner ecosystem and bring joint customers in the blow molding industry a seamlessly integrated solution that will enable them to gain contextually relevant insight in real-time, automate workflow processes, shorten response times to critical events, and enhance overall operational efficiency.”  

Danny De Bruyn, Managing Director at Delta Engineering, said: “At Delta Engineering, our slogan is: ‘Improve your efficiency’ and that is exactly what we strive to do for our customers. We offer them complete solutions to optimize the efficiency of their production processes. With that in mind, we believe Matics is an important partner, which can provide a real added value to our customers, at an affordable price.”


About Delta Engineering: 

Delta Engineering is one of the leading manufacturers of downstream equipment for the blow molding industry. They offer complete (automation) solutions for the production and packaging of plastic bottles, containers and pails. Their product line includes solutions for: quality control (e.g. leak testers), packaging (e.g. (de)palletizers, baggers,…), plasma coating, unscrambling, finishing, conveying, buffering, and much more. Delta Engineering designs and manufactures solutions that optimize their customers’ production processes, reducing manual labor, packaging material and transport costs.

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