Mas Ingenieros and Matics Partner to Enhance Automation, Digitalization, and Industry 4.0 Adoption in Manufacturing Sector | Matics

Mas Ingenieros and Matics Partner to Enhance Automation, Digitalization, and Industry 4.0 Adoption in Manufacturing Sector

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April 2022 – Matics LTD, a global market leader in Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) and manufacturing automation solutions recently partnered with Mas Ingenieros, a Spain-based solutions integration company specializing in smart automation, to optimize, digitalize and automate manufacturing shop-floor processes. 

Recent global changes led to a rapid need for adoption of Industry 4.0 best practices, specifically in the manufacturing sector. This need, coupled with a shift towards remote management, has changed the face of manufacturing. Today, manufacturers must have smart automation and remote management solutions in place in order to retain competitive advantage and ensure future business readiness. Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) solutions meet that need by seamlessly integrating with any existing solution directly from the shop-floor, analyzing it in real-time, and providing decision-ready insight as well as the platform from which to act on the results.  

Matics and Mas Ingenieros seek to provide manufacturers with a seamlessly integrated non-disruptive digitalization solution that will make it easier for the different stakeholders within the shop-floor to understand the state of the shop-floor, identify where reaction is needed, and ensure automated work processes are implemented, thereby reducing response time, optimizing productivity and increasing profitability. Mas Ingenieros customers that choose to integrate the Matics RtOI solution on their shop-floor will gain access to the Matics cutting-edge digitalization, optimization, and automation solution while leveraging the experience, expertise, and support of Mas Ingenieros. 

“The Matics solution was designed to provide manufacturers with a secure cloud-based solution from which they can digitalize, optimize, and automate their entire shop floor. By leveraging real-time data from any device, sensor or information system with advanced algorithms, Matics is able to provide manufacturers with a single dashboard from which they can aggregate, visualize, optimize, automate and control every aspect of their shop-floor.  iThis unique capability makes our solution completely in line with the goals and expertise of Mas Ingenieros, and we are confident that our partnership will further advance the adoption of industry 4.0 best practices in Spain, ensuring joint customers are always at the forefront of their sectors.” – David Hayat, COO of Matics. 

Antonio Mas Vicent, CEO of Mas Ingenieros, added “In this sense, Mas Ingenieros has seen in Matics an opportunity to offer its clients solutions that, in real time, allow them to take their processes to a higher level of integration and help them improve their businesses on the way to industry 4.0.” 


About Mas Ingenieros 

Mas Ingenieros is a company that, for more than twenty years, has specialized in the integration of technologies and systems in industrial and process environments. With a clear focus on integration, Mas Ingenieros is committed to disruptive technologies that enable the digital transformation of its clients, improving their flexibility, efficiency, and profitability. 

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